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Like shooting a nail gun at your head.

Gosh, I don’t know what the damn problem is. It could be the lack of sleep catching up with me or it could be the crappy sleeping positions when I am able to rest. They’ve strained my neck I think.

Oh, I guess the ear piercing shrieks that E lets out every 30-45 minutes for no apparent reasion could also be to blame. Whatever the cause, the fact is I’ve got a killer headache that’s been around for several days now and it’s pretty annoying.

It’s like someone shot a nail gun through the top, back of my head or something and it’s making me a crappy mom right now. Her crying is sending me through the roof and she’s doing it lots today.

Wednesday she was having a good day, the last few days she’s been clingy and can’t stand not being in your arms and the center of attention. Is it the weekend yet? I am so ready for some extra hands and help with her!

Plus N wants to try going to the fair this weekend to ride the marry-go-round and buy some yummy fair food. It will be nice to get out, if E is having a good day then.

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  1. I really hate headaches. They make me nauseous. They magnify every other possible pain. They make thinking clearly and rationally far too difficult.

    I wonder if what you are describing as a nail gun is similar to what I describe as a cattle prod.
    .-= Donna B.´s last blog ..Transportation =-.

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