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Loading the truck madness day 2

N looked at me and told me I was talking to him so condescendingly yesterday morning. My response was well you are acting all dumb and confused so I have to. One minute later we were laughing it off. Even during hella insane times we manage to not stay pissed at each other. Moving makes my temper flair but it is all good!

So we successfully got our carpet rooms cleared by 5pm like we had planned. The Kevin, the carpet cleaning company owner, came by and did an awesome job on our carpets so now we can check that off our to do list!

We got the majority of our stuff in the moving truck and now have 2 days to make it all fin within the 12 feet of allotted space we have… I also feel like I might have a hernia but N says I surely do not. All in all the loading is going well and we a beginning to comprehend just how big of a life change this move is for us.

We did it we actually got ahead in life and are moving forward like we have wanted… It is kind of unreal.

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  1. Well, you know – good things come to those who work for them and you have been orienting yourselves for some good things so now they are coming your way! 🙂 I’m so glad for you. You have definitely been working hard and I hope you get to relax a bit when you finally get to your new home.

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