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My finch is trying to hatch a baby!

Some of you may remember the saga of my poor birds toe. Lately she has been doing great! I actually ended up cutting off the dead toe for her after several costly and pointless visits to the vet (the vet cut off the wrong toe!)…

Anyway, my bird is doing great! Her scabs are all healed and she able to use the foot. Today when I was checking the nest and cage I realized she laid an egg! I am going to have a baby bird soon!

So, now this is where I need my readers help! I don’t know a single thing about to do for my birds or their babies… Will she lay more eggs? How long will the eggs take to hatch? Does anyone have any tips? Please share!

Read updates on the finches and their hatchings here.

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  1. Hi
    Im glad to hear your little hen is doing well.She may lay anything from 2 up to 8 eggs and wont start to sit on them until around the 3rd egg is layed.It should take about 11-14 days give or take to hatch.Go to your nearest pet store and buy some rearing food its called egg food, you should introduce your birds to it now that there is eggs being laid so that they get used to it.Just add a little water to the egg food to soften it up.
    I hope all goes well.

  2. Hi Talina
    The egg food is for the chicks as it is soft and easly digested, the mum and dad will eat the egg food and then
    bring it back up again kind of like vomiting into the chick mouth,its called regurgetating.Zebra finches make exellent and caring parents and theres rarley any problems, just dont disturb them to much while they are breeding only to change there food and water.
    hope this helps Talina and keep me posted on there progress as i myself have young in the nest just 3 days old and 2 days and 1 day old and there is still 2 more eggs to hatch.

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