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Oh, boy… We have 5 NEW finch eggs!

4-finches.jpgIf you guys are sick of reading about my finch saga please let me know…. For some reason it’s the highlight of almost every day. Today we checked the nest to find 5 eggs in the clutch now. Our finches are on their third attempt to reproduce now and we were hoping to delay the process a bit more. Oh well!

We did removed the grown babies from the cage mom and dad are in. We did this because all the reading material said that when mom and dad began laying again the older/ grown babies would be in danger and that they might be considered “in the way”…

So despite the very traumatic situation we separated them. Babies are in one cage and mom, dad and the 5 new eggs are in another cage.

two-diff-babies.JPGOh, and my 3 grown babies are doing well and all have new homes & owners that will take them pretty soon here. We still have the gray/ white finch that is a bit different from all the rest. I guess we hatched a unique one!

So once the grown babies start to get their defining feathers we will send them off to their new homes and then we will focus on the new hatchlings that are on the way, we will need to find homes for these too.. It would be nice if we could sell the to a pet store!

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