Our gift… A mouse..

Now my own mother is harassing me about how I need to update my blog so I guess it is well overdue!


This morning our cats left a fresh treat for us on the side of the bed.. A mouse!!



Nathan I and I saw the mouse about 4 days ago when we were on a “go through boxes and get rid of what we don’t need” spree. I brought in a very old box from back when I was in high school. I went through it and noticed it was very weathered and beaten up. Then Nathan spots a mouse running around our kitchen floor. The mouse ran and hid under our cabinets and we noticed that the stuffed bunny my mother gave me for my high school graduation had some hair chewed off of it. We figured the mouse was living in my high school memories box.


Well the mouse only went 4 days in our house before the cats got him.. It’s good for us case we don’t want a rodent problem but sort of sad for the mouse..

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