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*sigh* we need to have a yard sale…

Looks like we are going to have to sell off some crap before we move! I spent most of yesterday getting moving quotes and trying to find online rental homes for my research.

So far I have estimated our moving expenses to be about $6000-$8000 but it could in all actuality cost up to $10,000 if we don’t pair down crap and really search out those bargains!

This means coming to terms with the reality of having to get rid of tons of stuff before we move. We have to becasue moving it all is just too dang expensive… The full service moving quotes I have received are for things like 900 cubic feet or say a 12 foot truck.

I suck at geometry and am just guessing our 3 bedroom home and a shed full of crap wont fit into a moving truck that size… *sigh*, so now reality sets in. We have too much crap and need to get rid of it Hotfessional style.

So what is the next step? I am delirious with thoughts and can’t figure out what I should do next.

  • Must wait till 30 before move to put application on a new rental home.
  • Must wait till rental home is ours to book moving company (they want rental home address).
  • Must wait till rental home is ours to set up utilities and do change of address.

Basically that leaves me with packing crap and cleaning our current rental home huh? It is time to get rid of some crap me thinks but I cringe at the idea of a yard sale (thanks to Hotfessional‘s horror stories and my general dislike of people). Oh, well! Suck it up Talina and makes some piles of stuff to sell!

*whines* Mommy… will you come help me have my first yard sale? Pretty please?

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  1. When we bought our house, my rule was that NO junk was to follow us. Good thing I made that rule, because within the first month, we had accumulated a massive amount of new junk!! I have no idea where it all comes from! Good luck trying to organize a yard sale and with the major cleaning:)

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  2. Ugh, I hate this part of moving. We had to do this with our last move. We had 3 weeks to pack up our 3 bedroom house, get it on the market to be sold as well as all of the stuff we couldn’t move with 🙁 I ended up selling most of my stuff on Craigslist, garage sales, and what I couldn’t sell went to charity. Wish I were closer so I could help! Hang in there 🙁

    Sandy (Momisodes)s last blog post..Life Before Momisodes

  3. Since I just got rid of three useless to me, but major “spacetakeruppers” on Craigslist in less than two days, I highly recommend that route.

    As for packing it yourself and doing the U-Haul thing, you seem to be young and energetic enough to do so. Me… no way. I’m old! If you can afford it, hire professionals. If not, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. (Even I could, if I could find the energy to set my mind to something 🙂

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  4. I LOVE garage sales. I’m an absolute social phobe and I LOVE having garage sales. I owe these people nothing. They own me money (and a margarita or large iced coffee takes the edge off). I would come do this for you if I could. WE did ours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and made $680 in those 3 days. People commented that Thursdays are great because nobody else is doing it. Start early in the morning. It was so addictive. Do tons of signs, and helium balloons. Put signs on the back window of your car(s) with arrows and park them at your street, along with signs at your major intersections and GO FOR IT. Your area is like ours and full of Hispanics who love a deal and aren’t too snobish to get a bargain. They are the BEST. You’ll make a killing. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! You’ll be glad you did.
    Sending you Garage Sale Energy!

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  5. It’s not that bad, honestly. The worst part is figuring out what to get rid of and then DOING it. And telling yourself that if it doesn’t sell, then it’s NOT going with you – it’s going to the Salvation Army or something. And MEAN IT! 😉

    I wonder though – those quotes that you’re getting…are these people actually coming to your home to quote prices/truck sizes? If not, then pay no attention to the quotes. Unless someone sees what you have, the quote really does mean nothing.

    Now, when we moved, 2.5 years ago, the movers came over and looked at what we had. (We were in a three bedroom rental – had a basement FULL of stuff, AND a shed with bikes, etc.) We ended up with a SEMI-truck FULL. Seriously, full. We had even been moving things ourselves for a while because we closed on the house two months before our move date.

    AND we bought new some new furniture, so our old loveseat didn’t make the trip.

    Now, we were only moving 70 miles (one way), but it cost around $2200. We packed. They loaded, hauled, and unloaded (although we helped…just to get them done faster).

    Does that scare you more or less?

    Sorry. 😉

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