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Still no snow and crappy car trouble…

The plan was to go out and pick up a few food items that were still needed for holiday baking and dinner, we were going to do this before N headed off to work this morning.

This week our only car, the 1991 Isuzu Amigo, yeah the one I just spent $300 on a new top for started squealing whenever the clutch was engaged (it is a manual transmission). I first noticed it this weekend at the ballet while we were driving along together over the weekend.

I commented about the sound and how it didn’t seem like a good or normal thing N said it was the cold temperatures causing it and was done with it. The sound and also the fact that the clutch has been sticking and loosing pressure has been going on since the weekend.

Today when we got all bundled up in our 3 layers and were headed out to hit a few stores we immediately noticed that our sidewalks and streets were iced over as we practically slipped to our death on them which meant the drive was going to be crazy.

N scraped the car windows and we were all set to leave the house when the car would not go in to gear. It was like the clutch was not engaging despite N’s forceful attempts at engaging it. The clutch would not work and the car is still squealing away.

I am pretty sure the transmission is shot now. When the clutch was still engaging but the squealing started we thought it was a transmission fluid issue. Just today N pulled the car repair book and read that the fluid access area was under the car. This of course discouraged him about adding transmission fluid which it clearly needed.

Before heading out to the attempted shopping trip he called several lube and oil places to see who works on manual transmissions. If we could pay someone to add the fluid that would be great. Problem is only one place would do it, for $130.00 and it would take several hours. That would make N late for work so that idea was out of the question I guess…

Now the car wont go in to gear and we are trying to figure out our transportation situation. How will N get to and from work through the holiday week? N got a ride from a coworker and went in an hour early today. Will we be able to get the car to a mechanic to fix the issue before the holidays or after? The car is being towed to a local transmission shop for free today thanks to our Chevron Travel club membership.

N will get to drive a station vehicle home from work tonight to ensure he is able to get to and from work the rest of the week. We know the repair work will take several days and that it will probably not even start until after Christmas since no mechanic is going to be fixing a car on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

I am still wondering if it will be an easy (inexpensive) fix or will it break the budget?

All I know is that it was our only transportation and I thought we were trying to be proactive in maintaining it so it would be there for us and get us around. Now we are in a predicament and it is all our fault for not acting sooner to fix the issue once we noticed it.

Although, I am beginning to calm down and to be less angry about the issue. Must be my hormones making me a raving lunatic huh?

Oh and it is not snowing, we have freezing rain here and will continue to the rest of the day. If it snowed I might feel a bit better…

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0 thoughts on “Still no snow and crappy car trouble…

  1. Many yrs ago I had the same problem. It was the clutch plate and it was expensive – sorry… I hope yours is cheap and easy so that you can get your car right back 🙂 Glad it is at a garage getting checked out now.

    maiden53s last blog post..Santa???

  2. I think it was about 400 – but that was back in the early 80’s. 400 was a month’s income for me then. I do not know how much now. I am guessing that your mechanic has not gotten back to you yet. I hope that you can “forget” about it until Friday, so that you can just have fun and enjoy Christmas.

  3. Uhg… You and snow! What is it with that cold white stuff that you love so much? lol Have you and N ever thought about a new car? Something with modren safty features for Taters car seat?
    Thats what we had to do with ours when we got pregnant with Aidan. We traded my Chevy S10 and C’s Jetta and now just have a Hundai and we love it! Its small, but gets us from point A to point B.
    I love you!

  4. Krystal McCarthy » We’ve got an awesome Nissan Maxima in Arizona that need a new engine. The way we see it a new engine in the Maxima is way cheaper and wiser for us than getting under another loan (since we are trying to buy a home).

    Once we get the cash to have the engine replaced (and before I pop) we’ll fly out to Arizona, pick up the car from my mom’s house and drive it back to Indiana. It’ll save us about $11,000 and has a ton of great safety features.

  5. My Cavalier died just outside a Canadian Tire. The guy who helped push it just happened to work in the service department so he pushed it right in. Ended up with an $800 bill for fuel pump and fuel filter *issues*. I hate that! It is a horrible feeling to be without a reliable vehicle! Mind you, we have enough snow the option of skiing around town is always there,, lol.

    Loris last blog post..Bittersweet, and I don’t mean chocolate

  6. Man. Like you needed another headache right now. I hope things settle down. And I’d send you some snow if I could. We have PLENTY! Hugs and happy holidays to you, Talina. A Fantastic Festivus to all! 🙂

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