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t-mobile Archives · Ryder Family Farm- Southern Illinois Produce & More
t-mobile Archives · Ryder Family Farm- Southern Illinois Produce & More
We to a big leap of faith, quit our jobs are moved to the the heart of the Shawnee National Forest to follow our dreams of self sufficiency and to make a go of living off the land… Can we help you feed your family?
Southern Illinois produce, farm, CSA, Goat Milk, Soap, Eggs, meat, local food
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Since moving to our new rental home we have had issues with our cell phone reception. We figured it was because we are now living in a more rural area but as it turns out we get reception just fine about a block away from our house but not at our house.. We have been conveniently ignoring the inconvenience this has caused. We have warned our family and friends to call us at home instead of calling our cellphones. We have adapted and now only really use the cell phones when we are in town and have reception. Lately I have been irritated by the absurdity of the situation. We pay about $60.00 per month for two phones, 500 shared minutes, and unlimited night/ weekend minutes. It turns out we only use...

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Block Unwanted Texts on your T-Mobile Phone

I have this random person who is constantly sending me text messages that I do not want to receive and do not enjoy paying for.. I have repeatedly informed this person that they have the wrong number and have even asked them to delete my number from their phone. Today they sent me a text me saying "I just got out of jail" and in another text they simply said "Hi". I am not responding to these texts anymore because responding just costs money too. I have been looking for info on blocking this person from sending me unwanted texts. Did you know that text messages are sent from phone to phone and also via email? With t-mobile you can change your email address ( that your phones text messages are sent...

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