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Block Unwanted Texts on your T-Mobile Phone

I have this random person who is constantly sending me text messages that I do not want to receive and do not enjoy paying for.. I have repeatedly informed this person that they have the wrong number and have even asked them to delete my number from their phone.

Today they sent me a text me saying “I just got out of jail” and in another text they simply said “Hi”. I am not responding to these texts anymore because responding just costs money too. I have been looking for info on blocking this person from sending me unwanted texts.

Did you know that text messages are sent from phone to phone and also via email? With t-mobile you can change your email address ( that your phones text messages are sent to? You can also enable spam filters for this email address. The ability to change you phones email address is helpful in avoiding computer generated spam that is sent to your phone. Creating a unique phone email address will make it more difficult for spammers to “guess” where to send spam but it will not stop people from sending your phone number unwanted texts or does it?

When I visited the t-mobile FAQ site they listed an answer to “How do I block text messages from an unwanted number?” It said you could create a filter that blocks messages sent from the specified “from” field that you fill in. I put this annoying persons phone number (including area code) into this field and set up a filter to block the messages. Now I need to wait and see if this works!

Has anyone else tried this and have you has success?

I found many sites that discussed this same issue if you need more resources. They are:


Update- October 9th 2007

Okay, now I am really mad.. I am still getting texts from this random person!! I created a filter through t-mobile to block messages from this person but I guess those sites I listed above yesterday are correct.. Applying filters only has an impact on those messages you receive via email… So since the jerk is texting me from his phone or whatever I cannot stop the incoming texts.. How wonderful!


Update- March 12th 2008

While the T-Mobile text messaging issue still exists it appears they are making an effort to inform customers of their options with regards to eliminating unwanted messages and messaging charges.

The T-Mobile knowledge base states that:

“The text messaging feature on your account is a mandatory feature and cannot be removed due to system requirements. This feature is needed because it is where:

  • Voice mail notifications are delivered.
  • Billing notifications are delivered.
  • In case of emergency, text messages can be sent or received with minimal coverage.
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) updates are delivered. These are crucial system and network updates.”

They do go on to explain that you can change your handsets email address ( which does prevent the majority of “spam” messages from arriving on your phone. However, this still does not solve the issue most consumers have with other people (who use their cellphone) to send you unwanted texts that you end up having to pay for.

As of today the only solution is to call T-Mobile, tell them which phone number is sending you unwanted texts and ask that they remove the charges for those particular unwanted/ unsolicited texts. To view the T-mobile knowledge base where I found this info click here, you may need to be logged in to your T-Mobile account to access the page.

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11 thoughts on “Block Unwanted Texts on your T-Mobile Phone

  1. I have been through the same thing with t-mobile. About a year ago I was getting a daily email from someone about various clubs in the Dallas area. I contacted t-mobile and the only thing they could do was let me change my phone number. I did that and now I have started getting a phone call from someone 3 or 4 times per day and I discovered that just like text messages, there is no way to block it, you have to change your phone number. there are apparently a lot of phone services that are available on land lines that are not available with any of the mobile services.

  2. I too, am having the same text problems…. I call t-moble and they told me and gave me a 1800 number to block unwanted text… I guess we all have the same luck. Anyway does anyone out there know if any other cell phones service has these blocking featuers?
    I’m just Frustrated!

  3. i have called t-mobile to have text messaging deleted from my phone. i was told it was impossible. i also requested voice mail be deleted from my phone (which apparently was successful). please tell me why text messaging cannot be deleted. i would appreciate an answer.

  4. reiko nimura » Couldn’t tell you why they wont allow you to but I know that you can get a refund for the text messages that are “spam”. I am pretty sure texting and voicemail are standard with every plan- this is what I have read online. I just changed my phones email address and that prevented spammers (and anyone from the internet) from sending me messages.

    those unwanted messages sent to your phone from another persons phone are impossible to block or prevent, all you can do is all the phone company every month and demand they remove the charges for those unwanted messages.

    Hope this helps!

  5. I used to work for t-mobile…there is a service number that allow text messages to come thru and out. it is usually under the text messages set up on your phone if you delete this number text messages will not come thru nor go out. I wish they had a way to block a certain number but not t-mobile..

  6. to add to my message the number is a service center number it is +12063130004 even if you take the + or just one of the numbers out it should stop the messages if you do not want text messages. but of course that stops all messages.. hope this helps

  7. Seriously guys. A cell*ular phone is like any other address. If you let your address out to the wrong types, it is very unlikely that you will EVER be able to regain anonymity. Deal with it, or move.

    Changing numbers; sounds fun….but look at it from the legitimate point of view. The “business” front: If you were to invest billions into a mapping prog. *maps.gooogle and anyone who saw fit could remove themselves from the register, *read most people: then what would you have? A billion dollar pet project. Your investors would be peaked, and you would be jobless.

    No one you hire for phone service is interested in you having any control over who calls you. ANY control. Read that through twice more.

    These guys have been in ($ BILLION) contracts before you even considered phones, less a particular virtual number which you control ZERO rights to. Seriously; when you were 5 years old they had designs on Switzerland. Phone sales are a multi-billion dollar industry alone, and much of this involves vast customer databases fuled by ignorant consumers willing to dish out personal information (phone numbers/addresses) to anyone who offers them a boat in some type of lottery. Or, in many cases: A FREE PHONE! Wow!

    You CANNOT effect who calls YOU; only who YOU CALL. You do NOT own the number you have told all of your friends is yours. You are merely leasing it from your provider. Read the freakin contract. No, they do not care about you. They do not love your cat, and they do not notice when you spend your birthday alone. They; despite the mailings, do not care about you or your silly little struggle. They only want to UPGRADE you to a data plan, that they can then *unknowingly release/record your extraneous email information. It has always been about the control of information, only now is it so obvious.

    My highest hope is that I have not discouraged you from seeking freedom. Anonymity is not a shield from the known, but a plane from which to launch something/anything new. Our phones should be an ‘extension of ourselves’ . . . and not something we consider when turning down the lights.

    And the solution….Any perpetuated campaign requires money. Without money your front lacks the impression of fortitude, this in time will eat away your belief, your morale, and ultimately your resolve for the *cause. The phone companies understand this. (smile) If we wish to bleed the beast that assails us, we must let it find us. Change the ringers/notifications on your phones for the beloved, to silent or ‘stealth’ ringers; those with no noise or vibration. Change the ones you desire to something you will recognize, and ONLY answer them. Let the rest pass, catch the voicemails of those who are worthy. The remaining assault will crash against the seawall. If we all do this in number, we cannot be ignored. I love you, that is all.

  8. Jack,

    A very detailed response that answered a question that no one asked. No one mentioned giving their # out and no one asked about blocking calls, just unwanted text messaging.

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