The gift of life- organ donations….

Yesterday we were part of an amazing experience. A family member received a wonderful gift, a kidney. This family member has been sick for quite sometime and has been on and off the transplant list over the course of years. Thursday the call came, “We have a kidney that is a perfect tissue match, would you like it?”

So we got in the car and drove down to the valley to support our family. The surgery went so well and the benefits are already very apparent.

Organ donations and transplants are so amazing and I don’t know why more people don’t donate. I am personally an organ donor because I believe that there is no point taking all my viable parts with me when I am already gone. If something good could come out of loosing a loved one this is surly it in my opinion.

Some people in our family are sad and torn about the donated organ.  Something was lost in order for us to receive this gift. Obviously the organ came from someone who passed on and that is very sad but the person certanily did not loose his or her life just to give the organ. The person was already gone and the decision was made to give the working organs to those who could use them. This is a wonderful gift for us and it is super generous and thoughtful of the donor’s family.

The best thing we can do is be grateful and to live each day like a second chance has been given because it truly has been.

If you are interested in becoming an organ donor you can learn more @ organdonor.org. Have you had an experience with organ donating? What are your thoughts and concerns about this? If you have something to share or add to this post please leave a comment below.

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