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Trying to find a plan C but so glad to be home!

I am happy to say that I am writing this post from the kitchen table of my home! Yesterday we booked a rental car to get us home, we left our car with the mechanic near my mom’s house. Before we took off yesterday the mechanic said that he thought the engine was shot in our car but that he was going to get a second opinion first. If the engine is indeed shot they will give us a repair quote and we will determine where we plan to go from there.

Now we are brainstorming for plan C… Do we pay $5000 to repair a car that is 10 years old and has tons of miles on it or do we trade the car in and buy a new one? We would love to have a hybrid to save on gas so that is a plus. On the other hand the broke car is paid off and taking on a loan right before we plan to buy a home many not be a good idea. Also, having one less car to move would be nice.

We still have our second car (that is mine) though N prefers not to drive it. It is a pink Isuzu Amigo, manual transmission and a torn up soft top. He doesn’t like the stares he gets for riding around in a pink car. It doesn’t go that fast so driving it into town is stressful on the highway but it does run and I just bought 2 new tires for it. If we could use the Amigo for the last 3 months that would save money and be one less thing we have to move later.

We could also buy a used 4×4 vehicle here in town that can pull a small camper. A friend offered to sell us her 4×4 wrangler or something and a small camper for like $1800. We could use the 4×4 for driving and then we will also be able to use it to pull the pet camper when we move, but gas will be expensive for us in a 4×4.

We also put in a loan application with the bank yesterday to see if buying another car was possible. If we got a small loan we would like to buy a used more gas efficient car but we haven’t really figured out which direction would be best for us yet.

We are supposed to hear back from the mechanic about the second opinion on the car today and perhaps we will get news on N’s job interview. We could really use some good news today…

So what do you think we should do and why?

  1. Buy a new, hybrid car and trade in the broke one
  2. Buy the used 4×4 and camper now and then have it to move
  3. Don’t buy anything just use the Amigo till to get to where you are moving
  4. Have the engine repaired.
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9 thoughts on “Trying to find a plan C but so glad to be home!

  1. Engine replacement is not so bad if the body of the car is good and otherwise in good shape. Plus, it makes the car basically new again (mileage wise – so you can expect it to last many years) for way less than a new car. I’ve had it done before and the car went on to serve me and other family members well for many years before we lost track of it.

  2. Buying a new car right now probably isn’t a good idea if you’re buying a house.

    I like Donna’s suggestion 😉

    The 4X4 for a move isn’t a bad deal. You can always use it for a trade in later.

    Depends on the the cost of repairs, but a new engine for a 10 year old car could get pretty expensive… unless witchypoo’s dousing works out. Then go for it!

    I’m just full of non-decision making today, eh?

    Rees last blog post..Ka-Thud & A Chance to Win!

  3. I’d wait to see what the cost of the repair is. If it’s not much, fix and go forward. If not, I think I’d get by with the Isuzu until you know where you’re going. Not having to drive a 2nd car across the country would be nice if you end up moving.

    I really REALLY hope you get good news soon!!

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Age. The Great Equalizer.

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