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It is no secret, webmistressing is something I enjoy, LOTS. Over the years I’ve learned much by trial and error on my own websites. As a result, I’ve become quite good at a great number of website related skills and I am happy to share the knowledge with others.

I am often using my skills to help other entrepreneurs build, tweak and solidify their own web presence and I’ve also helped many friends and fellow writers with their own various sites.

If you want a manageable website of your own but don’t have the skills, time or energy to get it off the ground I am your girl! Send me a message if you are looking for help, it would be my pleasure to assist you!

Currently I am:

  • Virtually assisting other business owners with scheduling, site upkeep, newsletter writing, photo editing, business strategies, e-commerce, paypal integration, overseeing social media outreach, planning events and more.
  • Redesigning websites, customizing wordpress themes with CSS, HTML and graphic work.
  • Updating or fine tuning wordpress blogs with plugins to improve efficiency.
  • Migrating sites to the wordpress blogging platform.

I love a challenge and am always learning new things so don’t hesitate to get in touch, share your vision for your business and we can discuss some of my ideas, recommendations and thoughts on how to turn vision in to reality.

Want to reach me?

I prefer inquires via email using the contact form below since my working hours are often outside “normal business hours”. However, you can reach me via phone, email or you can find out more about me and my skills on LinkedIn or you can use the form below (most preferred) to reach me.

You can find me on Linkedin for more about my skills and contact info or you can use the form below to reach me.

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Staring yourself a new website?

Every website requires a few basic things:

  1. A website domain name. This is the web address someone will type to find your website. Wondering how to choose the best domain name? Read these 12 tips. Wondering if your ideal domain is available? Search it below:

2.  Website hosting. This is where your files are stored for your website. The site’s domain name and hosting location are then linked if they aren’t both from the same company.


Web design tips & tricks:

Web design plays a huge role in the accessibility and usefulness of the site. If your design is clean and easy to follow people will find what they are looking for and they will value your site.

Most of my clients typically go with a WordPress blog or e-commerce site. WordPress is a fantasticly user-friendly approach for normal people wanting to easily manage their sites. For a look at different WordPress themes and design options you can visit: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/

I have written several resourceful articles with tips for better web design that you may find useful:

More website resources include:

I am also a supporter and student of the free SEO/ Marketing classes offered @ GNC Web Creations (www.gnc-web-creations.com/seo-optimization.htm). If you are looking to learn more about how to grow your site you WILL benefit from these classes!

8 thoughts on “Hire Me

  1. Talina,

    Thanks for all the work you have put in, helping build and maintain my current web sites and blogs. Without your help I am not sure were I would be today. Over the last couple of years my website has allowed me to not only link to advertising that has created sales, but allows for customers to browse my two connected blogs. In addition to the construction web site, your help on the word press web/blog for my new venture is moving along great.

    Your more than welcome to link to all these sites to share some of your work if necessary.

    Happy Web Building

    Jerry Alan Brown

  2. Talina is not only an amazing wife but also a talented web designer. She has helped me wade through the sometimes overwhelming daily dilemmas of managing my website and teaching me how to ethically optimize traffic.

    Her techno-savvy creativity shines through with each project she works on no matter how daunting it may seem. She translates the technical jargon to easily understood concepts with ease. Give Talina an idea and she will transform it expertly and efficiently!

  3. Talina has helped with me with several issues concerning my blog over the past 4 yrs. She is efficient and very knowledgeable about websites and blogging. She will keep working until the job is done to your satisfaction… Thank you Talina for always being there for my blog 🙂

  4. I have been told for several years that I needed a website. I have even had a couple of people try to do the job, only to be disappointed with the result. This time I am not disappointed!

    Talina has been wonderful! She is helpful, imaginative, creative and flexible. She has shown me how to update and expand my site. She was even able to do it in a way that I could understand! If I have any questions, she is always there to answer them. Her suggestions are greatly valued.

    If you would like a website you can waste time, like I have, or, you can have Talina design a site for you! Thank you so much, Talina. You have done a great job!

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