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Weekly drama recap…

I’ve been posting later and later in the day, so much so that it appears I posted my latest wordless Wednesday post on Thursday when indeed it was actually posted very late on Wednesday. I am a blog slacker 🙁

Wanted to take some time to give you the weeks highlights… For starters, we found Boner in Maybelle’s section of the rabbit cage earlier this week. Boner + Maybelle = little rabbit babies= craptastic!

Somehow he managed to dislodge the wire cage separator that is his floor and he squeezed down there to “hug” and cuddle with her. Now we are watching for rabbit pregnancy signs and Boner has been migrated to his own homemade rabbit hutch.

She is surely pregnant since female bunnies “release an egg after being exposed to the male” unlike a human woman’s ovulation cycle. Additionally she may even be carrying multiple litters since they were together for so long and we didn’t know about it.

Looks like she’ll have those babies in about 30-34 days if she is indeed pregnant and we can expect anywhere from 1-16 babies depending on her actual breed and size (which we aren’t sure about) and we’ll have to keep each of those babies separate from each other (since sexing young bunnies is difficult) shortly after birth to avoid more unwanted pregnancies. They can start to breed as early as 12 week old! Like I said, super craptastic huh?

Our Eureka Altima Vacuum (that we got a little over a year ago) melted itself this week rendering it completely useless now. We’ve contacted Eureka about the apparent product defect and are awaiting a response. We may have to buy a new vacuum soon…

The packing and home hunting madness has begun! Still have not heard from the mortgage people about our application but we are looking at both rentals and possible purchases right now to cover all bases.

Next month is my birthday and we are celebrating by taking another trip to Tennessee to see our midwife, Pamela, at The Farm. I am so obviously pregnant now and can’t really believe I could deliver Tater in as little as 18 weeks. I’ve got some major tailbone pain and also some major pelvic pressure from my growing bump, other than the growing pains I feel good.

Oh, if you are interested in reading more about home birth stuff let me know, I just read two really great articles in Mothering magazine that I scanned and can email you if you want!

Tater is still as active as usual, I even got a cool video of my belly jiggling around as a result of her kicks and punches for the sake of memories, fun!

Our bedding set for Tater just shipped so we are anxiously waiting for it to arrive via UPS and can’t wait to see it! We got our wishlists updated for everyone who has been hounding us (see the links on the side bar of this page under the baby widget), now we just really need to get busy with moving before she comes!

Oh and nope, we still have no name ideas.

We are looking at more rental and contract purchase homes this weekend in addition to doing our grocery shopping and Wii Playing, we also plan to pack, clean and organize like crazy!

What does your weekend have in store?

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  1. Hey Talina, I would love it if you would e-mail me the articles. I’m always interested in seeing what’s out there.

    Also, it’s really awesome that you’re going to the Farm to find your midwife. I’m so jealous! Will you update us on how it goes for you?

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  2. I guess the estrogen is running rampant at your house and Boner couldn’t help himself. He must have been overcome. I hope you don’t end up with an unwanted litter of baby bunnies though. I can hope anyway. I like the bedding set you chose and can’t wait to see what your final nursery will look like.

    teenis last blog post..Catching Up

  3. Yes…tailbone pain, I have it too!!!

    Have been to physio and they were fantastic…I’m very happy and have some special exercises to do, which actually work. They also massaged my butt and back. (Which sounds weird but I was so comfortable I nearly went to sleep!)

    Breeding like rabbits, that’s the saying isn’t it? Our dog had puppies last year and we purposely set her up on a blind date with another dog who was the same breed, both staffy. We kept her on the verandah as our house is two story, and he was the only one to see her. The only dogs around our house live kilometres away and are all female so we thought we were safe. When the puppies came along, we had one staffy, one black which looked like a hound and 3 multicoloured which looked like hound/jack russell. So I dont know what happened!

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