What a day it has been!!!

Ever had one of those days where it seems like the world is out to rain on your parade?? Today is that day for me, fortunately I am able to laugh about it! Here is what happened…..

I woke up this morning to the refreshing aroma of cat urine (I am being sarcastic). Turns out Miss Kitty recently urinated on the top corner of the pillow I was sleeping on. The smell of urine woke me up and then I went on my quest to find the bad smell. I ended up sticking my hand on the wet pillow when I found it. I was disgusted!! I called Nathan and told him about my rude awakening. We discussed how annoying it is to have a cat who has so many behavior issues. (We took Miss Kitty in this winter, she was abandoned at the TV station where Nathan works. She hates our other cats, hides in the closet all day and randomly urinates on the bed, our clothes and in my potted plants) He offered to call the no-kill shelters in our area to see if they would take her.

I begin trying to strip the bed and get all the urine soaked stuff into the wash. I figure I already have to wash the pillow case and the sheets so I might as well wash all the bedding.. I load the washer and begin the wash. I also begin to gather up all the dirty clothes because I want to get those washed today also, I then discover there is more cat urine on our dirty clothes. Peeing in the wrong place is forgivable to a certain extent but twice in one day is just plain aggravating and not okay. I continue gathering laundry spot cleaning the carpet and bed and cursing Miss Kitty.

After the cat pee fiasco I sit down at my computer to begin sorting through email and taking care of business. I then discover the shopping cart on my site is not processing products by the correct name. I got an order a few days back that came across as a pound of homemade fudge, the customer was trying to order a purse though. So that make things a bit crazy, I begin trying to fix the shopping cart issue and I get the customers order straightened out.. Then what do you know another person contacts me about wanting to order the exact same purse the previous customer meant to order. Two people after the same purse in a 72 hour time frame and 1 broken shopping cart results in inventory discrepancies and tons of fun for me!! Anyway i contacted both customers and got things straightened out.

I head over to the washer to take out all the bedding and load it into the dryer. The washer apparently wanted to rip a huge hole in a blanket and so I now have a bundle of soaking wet bedding that was just urinated on and now the blanket has a very large hole ripped in it. Just wonderful huh??

Nathan then calls me to read me a story in the news paper about an old music teacher over at SCC (where I performed for several years) who just got fired for playing funny money the the college.. We talked about that a bit and also about all the craziness I was having today. Good times!! It’s going to be an interesting day I can tell 😉

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2 thoughts on “What a day it has been!!!

  1. Ah, gotta love the smell of cat-pee in the morning. My new kitten likes to wake me up each morning around 6 am because he apparently has forgotten, each and every morning, where his food is.

    Hopefully, things get less “interesting” as the day goes on.

  2. I am so glad that I’m not having your day.

    I have a cat exactly like yours. I also took him in over the winter. He was half dead and had frost bite on the pads of his paws.

    I nurse him back to health and he pees all over my house.

    Hubby caught him last night peeing in the closet.

    I hate to take him to a no kill shelter, I just think it’s terrible to live you life in a cage.

    Very seriously thinking of making him an outside ONLY pet.

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