What would you do today if you weren't afraid to fail??

What would you do today if you weren’t afraid to fail?? I try to ask myself this question every day. I also try to push myself outside my comfort zone at least once each day. To me this is essential to personal growth. It is also really hard to do.

Trying something you have never done can seem very scary and uncomfortable. Often times we talk ourselves out of even attempting something just because we think we will fail. As we grow older we somehow develop the idea that we must always be perfect, successful and that we must never allow ourselves to look silly or to fail. It may be ego, insecurity, fear or any number of other things that prevents us from even attempting certain things. When we make the decision to NOT try something new we are often times condemning ourselves to a life of monotony.

If you are never willing to put yourself out there and try something different you will never get different results. Easier said that done right? This is because our natural tendency is to avoid change. We like to feel secure and we like to know what to expect. However, change and risk are required if you are striving for greatness or just trying to break a vicious cycle. I tell my students this everyday.

I teach dance at the high school level and often times I am asking my students to try something they have never done before. Those students who are insecure or self conscious are the first ones to start talking themselves out of trying the activity or dance move. The phrase that they use (that I absolutely hate hearing) is “I can’t do that”. The minute they say that phrase they have already begun to give up on themselves.

So much of life is based on attitude and perceptions, if these students honestly believe they cannot do what I am asking of them and if I cannot push them beyond their insecurities they will never be able to achieve what is being asked of them.

Battling with insecurity or fear of failure is something everyone experiences on one level or another. Those who achieve great things have found ways to “live outside the box”. They are always trying new things and pushing themselves outside their comfort zone, they are unafraid to fail and they are understanding of themselves.

If you are looking to make a change in your life or if you just want be the best you can be try something new and scary everyday! Ask yourself “What would I do today if I was not afraid to fail??” Pick one thing each day that you are insecure, scared or unsure about and force yourself to attempt it! You can make the process less painful/ more rewarding if you:

  1. Stop thinking failure is bad. The fact that you are even trying is a lot more than most other people can claim.
  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Failure is inevitable when you are attempting something new especially at the beginning.
  3. Don’t expect success overnight! Trial and error is often times the only way to learn something. That means success takes time and patience.
  4. Don’t give up. You know the saying if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Think about how babies learn to walk. They fall an awful lot before those first steps even take place!
  5. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed! The fact that you attempted something new is huge and it should be celebrated! You should be most proud of all the things you tried not all the things you achieved!

Life is NOT about achievements, successes and end results. It is about the journey! What path are you taking?

About the Author:
Talina Norris is a small business owner (
www.craftedcustomgifts.com), a dance teacher and published writer who enjoys writing about health related topics, leadership and becoming a better person. Talina’s many articles can be found on her blog site (www.craftedcustomgifts.com/wordpress).

<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

3 thoughts on “What would you do today if you weren't afraid to fail??

  1. Not knowing what will be at the end of the road is very scary but also quite exciting! I takes a lot to be able to just trust that you are on the right path and that this is what you are meant to be doing. When you do take that leap of faith it can be so rewarding!

    If you love what you do and you do the very best you can then you have succeeded regardless of what may lie at the end of the road!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!!

  2. That is so true. Very encouraging. I am trying to make handbags and sell them— sometimes I do good and others times I dont. But I still work a 9-4 job. So I am not 100% devoted to making handbags. But I love to do it!! It is a scary thing to follow a path and you cannot see the end result of.

  3. My name is Debra and I truly appreciate every word you have shared with us. I am a gospel artist and I love to sing and have many followers and I have been blessed with a gift and talent from God that people like but some how I have not stepped out into my destiny. I have set this year to go forward because I am pushed so out of my comfort zone at work til I have to move and I desire to do what I enjoy and that is sing.

    Thank You again and God continue to bless you.

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