Wow, I was ripped off!!

I placed an order for 1500 live lady bugs to help control the aphids in my garden. The order was placed back on 1/28/06. Three days later I find that the business site I ordered from (www.abetterplant.com) had been taken down. The site only displayed an expired domain notice stating that the company is no longer in business. I immediately used the displayed company contact info to inquire about my order. I was contacted by abetterplant.com on 2/4/06 and was told that my order was out for shipping already and that the business was closing down over personal issues/ divorce.
I contacted the business again on 2/16/06 to get a confirmation number since it  was 2/16/06 and my order was still not in my possession. I never got a response to my email. I reported the business (ABetterPlant.com) to ripoffreprt.com today and then began doing my own research.
A search on google (http://www.google.com/search?num=100&hl=en&lr=&q=%22Chris+Gilcrest%22&btnG=Search) brings up a whole slew of commentary and people’s experiences with the guy. One site (http://davesgarden.com/gwd/c/4794/) goes into many details about how to report complaints to the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office.
As it turns out the business owner Mr.Chris Gilcrest was arrested prior to 1/27 for fraudulent business practices and other charges (source: http://www.visaliatimesdelta.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060127/NEWS01/601270309/1002). I am just shocked and can’t really believe all that is unfolding. My point in posting this was to warn everyone about the site growquest.com. Chris Gilcrest also owns and operates this business and still doing business. I was trying to order ladybugs from a different company since abetterplant.com was not shipping my order and I discovered both companies were owned by the same person. I am not sure why the site is still up an operating after all the fraud and other charges but don’t order from them!!
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  1. Here is my experience with Growquest, I sent them a letter:
    I recently canceled an order, for a lovely Honey Dijon rose bush. I had ordered on 11 May 2010. Nearly a month and exceptionally poor customer service later, with several prevarications from your staff, I gave up and just canceled the order. If Growquest is your dream company, it is most certainly not shared by your employees. Simple courteously answered questions are all that is required to satisfy most patrons. However, what I received at best was monosyllable ambiguous responses. This is, I’m sure the quickest way to a failed business. Good luck to you in the future, as I suspect you are going to be loosing customers in a most expedited manner.
    Sincerely and most assuredly a lost customer,
    Stephanie Alb USN Ret.

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