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You broke your toe? Want to buy a house?

Well, things have been interesting her around the house. We are having dialog with the owners of the home we are renting. Some of you may recall me writing about how the home owners dropped the price on the house we are renting, again and wanted to make sure we knew about it. We had expressed an interest in a lease/ purchase option when we began renting but felt the home price was to high.

Yesterday we got a letter in the mail from the home owners conveying their “urgency” and desire to work with us. Anyway we chatted with our Realtor/ father in law about it and had some discussions about what we wanted and what we could afford. We then responded to their letter and expressed what we could afford to pay if we agreed to purchase the home… If they are really willing to work with us to make our ownership happen then we may buy this place… We will see, if it’s meant to happen it will right?

Home owners have the upper hand right now and we are pleased that the tables have turned and that we have some bargaining power now. We aren’t rushing into anything though and we wont be buying for the crazy high prices that have been asked.

In other news, N broke his toe! He walked into the bathroom door jam and now his toe is purpleish black and is very swollen… I can’t believe he broke it!


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