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Babies, babies everywhere!

Well as most of you know I am an auntie now. I posted a photo of baby Hazel Renee and I a few days ago and today I have another baby photo to share with you!

baby-finch.jpgMy finches hatched their first baby! They have been laying eggs since October and until today none of them had hatched. Being their first attempt at having babies we were understanding of the lack of successful hatching but today to my surprise there was a small baby in the nest in addition to the two unhatched eggs!

I tried to get a good photo without upsetting baby and parents. Hope you enjoy it! I’ll keep trying to get a better shot.

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4 thoughts on “Babies, babies everywhere!

  1. Awww….I’m hoping they survive. We had a few hatching’s this past spring. The parents decided to build their nest on our patio. It was cute to watch them flying back and forth to the nest. They eat a lot. When my brother and I were children my parents used to raise chickens at times they would hatch the eggs using an incubator. We enjoyed turning the eggs daily and awaiting that miraculous occasion when they would hatch.

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