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Birthday plans- I made some!

I finally decided what I wanted to do for my birthday. I have been lacking motivation or excitement for my birthday this year but have been working to get excited about it.

Some of my family will be coming to stay with me at the end of the week and I decided I wanted a fondue party for my birthday.

I loved eating at The Melting Pot when we lived in a town with one. Since I can’t go and enjoy fondue at the famous restaurant I asked N to coordinate a fondue party for me for my birthday.

So there you have it.. I have birthday plans now. In the days leading up to my birthday I really NEED to get serious about finishing my taxes. It’s so much work with the business inventory and I have been dragging my feet.. I suck but I will get them done before April 15th, even if it kills me.

Are you taxes done already?

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5 thoughts on “Birthday plans- I made some!

  1. If it is a chocolate fondue, are we invited? As for taxes, we have until April 30th here, so no rush for me yet. Mine are really simple too, there is a guy my brother knows who does them for $25, and $5 of that goes towards the Run for the Cure his wife does every year, kind of a win/win situation!

  2. teeni »
    We are planning to do a 3 course fondue party… Cheese fondue, a sauce for cooking and flavoring meats and then the chocolate at the end…. Yum! You guys are getting me all excited about it now! Everyone is invited!

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