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Celebrations, moving progress and beer…

When N got off work yesterday evening I requested we go out to dinner. Getting out of the house and away from all they boxes and piles of crap would liven my mood, plus we need to celebrate the job he nailed and our forgotten 6 year anniversary.

We ended up going to Red Lobster for dinner, had a good time, good food and some alcohol. I was right getting out of the house helped me to have a better mood and it was nice to spend some quality time together.

This morning at about 4 am we woke up to pouring rain! Rain in Arizona is a fun time for most residents since it doesn’t happen that often. We enjoyed the rain and went back to bed, slept in this morning for a bit and then tackled the storage shed in our yard.

We brought all the packed stuff we are keeping into the house, added it to our inventory sheet (we are at 33 boxes now) filled the storage shed with priced and sorted yard sale crap and we are consolidating a few boxes of miscellaneous stuff right now.

Next we went over to our storage unit and loaded everything from it into the car. We are getting rid of the storage unit to save money, plus we don’t need it anymore. So, we got the storage unit and it’s crap taken care of today.

We had a nice productive day and now we are off to Flagstaff’s own made in the shade beer fest for some free beer, good people watching and some fun! I’ll have more events to share and some fun beer fest photos for you next post!

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0 thoughts on “Celebrations, moving progress and beer…

  1. Oh, the beer fest sounds like fun. We don’t have that around here. I don’t drink much alcohol but every summer I usually get a craving for a cold beer or two. 🙂 I’ve been catching up on your previous posts – hang in there, buddy and things will work out. I know anxiety and the move are stressful things to deal with. Sometimes I have to take a step back to deal with it all and imagine my mind being more open, widening with the horizon. A lot of times it is then that I get a good idea to solve some problems that sneaks in from the corner of my mind. I hope it works for you.

    teenis last blog post..Comments Are Rewarding and I’m Back!

  2. YAY for getting out of the house! I love beer fests! Living in Wisconsin, we have them pretty regularly around here. They are one of the best places to people watch, airports are another great place for that!

    Beckys last blog post..I’m the boss!

  3. I know it’s late, but happy anniversary. My daughter and I went to Red Lobster this past weekend for some mommy and Autumn time. Yay for Red Lobster. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks Red Lobster=celebration. When we meet up 1/2 from TN to IN, we will have to meet up at Red Lobster 🙂

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