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Freecycle pets… Got one?

We are suckers for freecycle, who doesn’t LOVE free stuff? You can get or give just about anything through your local freecycle group but how many of you have received pets this way? We have, a few times actually!

Giving your pet away online may seem kind of strange to some. Trust me it is not really that odd, I mean giving a pet up on freecycle is better than dumping it somewhere and abandoning it right? I definitely think so!

We have received 3 different pets via the freecycle network. First we received a female zebra finch, then we we gave some away once they mated. We got our dog, Dixie from Maiden53 and most recently N got some hamsters and cages from freecycle that we will be housing for a few months then giving to a friend.

If you are looking for a pet or if you can no longer care for the one you have consider freecycling it! Just be sure to screen for a good home. You’ll be keeping unwanted animals out of the shelters and off the streets, that is always a good thing!

So, now I want to hear your freecycle stories. What have you received or given to others through the network?

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  1. You have had better luck with the freecycle. Everyone except you have never showed up for the item that they requested. I have gotten a twin down comforter (and am looking for another – for the boys bunkbeds). For other things I have requested, the lister never replied to me directly – a few have posted the “taken” email via the site. I am so glad that you drove all the way to my place for Dixie. She is a great dog! I just wish that the older dog had wanted to play as much as she did!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And because of freecycle, I know that she got a great family vs taking her someplace and not knowing if or where she went. THANKS ๐Ÿ™‚

    maiden53s last blog post..The Calm Before the Storm??

  2. Oh, those hamsters are so cute. I think it is awesome that you take advantage of Freecycle. I need to do more of that. Great post. I think I will stumble this because it may help lots of other people with pets who they cannot keep or give a good pet a good home. Hope you don’t mind! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Better me getting here late than never!

    teenis last blog post..Comments Are Rewarding and Iโ€™m Back!

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