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Dealing with anxiety..

Everyone experiences anxiety in some form over the course of their lives but what is the best way to deal with anxiety? Some people think that you can reduce the impacts by drinking or taking drugs, others believe you can deal with it by getting it out and of course the opposite is also believed to be true.

So which way is best? Do you ignore it, dwell on it, get it out or suppress it? I would really like to know because it is impacting my life and my sleep schedule these days and I want it to stop.

The only way I know to end it is to get every single thing lined up and to cover every basis. Problem is that I cannot possibly cover every basis and have it all lined up this very moment. It takes time and everything is dependent on other things.

Here are just a sampling of my anxiety ridden thoughts at this moment:

  • My mother is bringing my brother with us on the cross country move because she can’t leave him unsupervised while she makes the journey with us. This is stressful because he has ADHD and some anger problems which will not be best suited in a 27 foot RV for a weeks worth of driving.
  • I am stressing about how we are going to move the stuff we have, the movers wont move everything and we need to figure that out. Things like plants, alcohol, cleaners, important papers, etc need to be moved by us but how? We are taking 4 people, 4 cats, 1 60lb dog, 2 birds and a bunny in our RV already… Where will all this other stuff fit?
  • Our yard sale date is nearing and I still have tons to sort through and get rid of. I also feel like I am getting rid of everything I own but it is not enough. We still have too much crap but getting rid of so much of it is hard.
  • I had planned to pay the movers via credit card cause who has $10,000 in cash on had to move? We will only have about half that in cash and the rest is our available credit. Turns out the moving companies want a certified check or exact cash upon delivery of your items… Why can’t they just charge your credit card? Wouldn’t that make more sense? Besides we don’t have that kind of cash.
  • I STILL need to find a rental home for us out there and pay the holding deposits, turn on/ shut off utilities, forward mail and all that good stuff.
  • We still need to get our potential RV to a mechanic so we can move forward with the purchase.
  • We need to sell our broke down Nissian Maxima that is sitting at my mom’s house right now.
  • How much does it cost to insure and register a 1970’s Winnebago? We will need to do that.

Ugh, the list just goes on and on, it could consume my entire day if I let it… So my thoughts/ worries are overwhelming me (knew this was comming huh?) but I am done wasting time on them today. Time to crank up the IPOD and get some yard sale suff done.

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  1. First of all, why is your mother going with you on this move? Did I miss something? Of course if that is a personal thing I don’t really expect an answer. But unless she is footing the bill I would have to ask her to stay and come to visit later.

    We live fulltime in our 2007 Jayco travel trailer, and have it insured on the same policy with our 97 Ford F-250. the policy costs us about $600 every six months. We have “homeowners insurance” included in that figure too, as well as insurance on our personal belongings, such as computers, TV clothing, etc. The insurance shouldn’t cost you all that much if you have a good driving record.

    Ok, next thing, can you get the moving dollars as a cash advance on the credit cards? It would probably cost more in interest to to that but it would solve the immediate problem. Or if you have good enough credit to have that much credit available on a credit card, what about a loan from your credit union or bank?

    Why pay to move the cleaners and crap like that. Sell it in the yard sale and then buy some more at your destination. It would probably prove to be cheaper in the long run. Are you pulling a car with the RV? then put the extra stuff in the car until you get there.

    Where were you moving to? Is there an RV park there where you could get a monthly rate, so you have some time to look for a rental?

    a couple of margaritas heavy on the tequila helps with anxiety.

    FabGrandmas last blog post..Telephone Troubles Part Two

  2. First you need to take a deep relaxing breath in and let it slowly out. After a little mini-relaxation breathing, put your list into priorities. While everything seems like it should be #1, it isn’t. WHen I get anxious, I turn to my friends, both in real life and online. Whether I need to vent, scream, or cry, they help me get through. (hugs)

    Beckys last blog post..I’m the boss!

  3. Consider my advice worth what you’ve paid for it 🙂

    You’ve taken the first step to reducing anxiety by writing down what you need to do to reduce it, ie, take care of all this moving stuff and recognizing dependencies.

    Take it one step further and group those dependencies under the priority where they belong. From what you’ve said, the garage sale and getting the RV bought would be co #1 priorities.

    As for the cleaners and stuff… you’re better off throwing them away than trying to move them. Take only what you’re going to need during the trip. Personal hygiene stuff for 4 people is going to take up enough room!

    Most (not all) RVs have great storage space underneath. This might not be appropriate for important papers or alcohol (oh, and be SURE to take the booze!) but would be great for pet food, canned goods, etc.

    And ditto to what FabGrandma says.

    Next, the best physical way to quickly reduce stress is exercise. Running or jogging or something, not the kind of exercise you’re getting sorting and packing, but something aerobic.

    Drugs for anti-anxiety – you obviously need something fast-acting and temporary, not long-term. Ask your doctor about a benzodiazipine (sp?) such as Klonopin. The others, are more likely to be sedating and addictive. The proof of that, is that Klonopin has little street value, whereas Xanax, Ativan and Valium are “worth” more.

    Try it out before the trip (where it’s likely to be the best help – nothing you’ve described sounds to me as anxiety-producing as that) but even Klonopin, while it won’t make you immediately drowsy might have you waking up the next day feeling “drugged” and less capable of getting all your stuff done. It also might affect your ability to share in the driving on the trip.

    Any move is bound to be anxiety-inducing, but such a long distance and so much preparation being done by yourself (ie, the packing!) only makes it last longer and seem more formidible.

    But you’ll get it done and all will turn out well.

    Donna B.s last blog post..Today’s Reading

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