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Today I got lucky!

Okay, seriously get your mind out of the gutter! I got lucky by getting OUT of jury duty! I was summonsed to appear July 10th 2008 (which is also my best friends b-day) but I called last night to check on the status of the trial and it was cancelled so no jury duty for me, Yay! Every single time I have been drawn it gets canceled which is fine by me…

So I am sitting outside writing this blog post and enjoying the cool morning air. Random thought: I noticed this large zit on my left temple this morning that I am sure is causing my sinus headache. It wont pop and any time I mess with it I feel like I have been punched in the face, it is a painful little bugger!

Anyway, I plan to get my butt in gear with crap sorting again today. I am also hoping to figure some stuff out by searching google later.

  1. Does Pokemon yellow for the gameboy allow 2 people to play against each other via the patch cable?
  2. How can I make my rose bushes go into a dormant state so they can be shipped without soil?
  3. You know how growers send you bare roots of plants you order and you are supposed to plant them and they grow into full sized plants? How do you do this? I need to learn.
  4. Do all campers/ trailers have formaldehyde in the partical board?

My mind is going 100 different directions, nice huh? Oh and I am pretty sure N and I just missed our 6 year anniversary. According to my records the date is 7/7 but he says 7/11 is the anniversary date, either way it is THIS week and I totally forgot until yesterday. I suck but he forgot also so that makes it okay. All the moving craziness has just taken over our brains. We have no budget for anniversary celebrations anyway but yeah, 6 years this week…

Other than that we don’t have too much else to report. How is the week going for you? Any fun weekend plans or ideas on something I can make/ do for N for the anniversary?

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7 thoughts on “Today I got lucky!

  1. I don’t know about the roses thing, but I can answer a little bit about the formaldehyde in trailers. When we got our first one, it was a cheap on ($18,000 brand new) I was six for two months with bronchitis and asthma. It was horrible. When we bought the new one in 2007, it was a more expensive trailer ($35,000 brand new) and I did not have the problems I had with the first one. It is my opinion that the cheaper models are made with cheaper materials and do have more formaldehyde in them.

    FabGrandpa and my anniversary (16 years) is next week. We are going out to a nice dinner. We don’t do gifts, not for anniversaries, birthdays, or Christmas. It’s just not our thing. So, I can’t offer suggestions at all in that area either.

    FabGrandmas last blog post..Telephone Troubles

  2. Also about the formaldehyde from another grandma — it usually “wears” off. It’s brand new trailers that have the problem. Five years old and they should be okay. Oh, and if they are “shut up” for a while it gets worse. Fresh air helps.

    Nothing scientific there, just my experience.

  3. I think if you have 2 DS’s you can battle on the newer Pokemon, don’t you have to have the downstairs at the part where you go get your pokemon restored??

    Drew got back into Pokemon for 2 weeks..then he left it again..for Star Wars..damn

    mps last blog post..Childhood Meme

  4. I almost spit out my soda when I read witchypoo’s comment!! Too funny. And your response was great:) All I was going to suggest was going one evening without talking about the move and other stress related events. Happy 6 years!! Good lord, I am boring:)

    Beckys last blog post..I’m the boss!

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