Daily happenings…

I just spent the last thirty minutes urging my mother to sit down and write a blog about her health concerns so I guess I better write one too!
I don’t have any major observations or life lessons to share, only my day to day happenings.

I am just getting back into the swing of things with my teaching. This was the first week back to school for my high school kids. We have a performance in two weeks so we are busy fine tuning stuff.

Dixie our doggie is doing awesome! She is not having any accidents and she is adjusting very well to our life. She gets sad when we go off to work and she is starting to learn our schedule. It’s crazy when your pets learn your daily schedule..
She is also starting to break her jumping habit. She is about 55 lbs. and she gets excited easily. When we would come home she would jump up on us and try to lick us. It was an adorable display of affection but her nails would scratch us and she is big enough to knock you right over if you are not careful.. So we have been trying to discourage her from jumping.

Today was a breakthrough day because when I came home from teaching she ran over to me at the front door, she sat in front of me and waited to be loved. I was so excited!! I have her tummy scratches and treats for being such a good girl.

I am also sewing on my brand new singer sewing machine today. Nathan got me a sewing machine and I love it! It has instructions (which make things a ton easier) and it’s about 40 years newer than my other sewing machine so its more innovative and user friendly. I hemmed a pair of my pants and I am working on sewing a stool cover for Nathan’s chair. I plan to build up my handmade denim purse stock also, but probably not today..

We are supposed to get some pretty major storms here in the next week or so. Next week they are estimating about 3 feet, so that is exciting! How is everyone else doing??

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