Pineapple Houseplant

I got his information today and thought it was pretty cool. I am going to try this out today!!

“Growing your own pineapple houseplant is simple. To prepare it for planting, all you have to do is cut off the top inch or so of the fresh fruit. This leafy crown will produce roots from its base. Next cut the flesh away to the fibrous core and leave the whole thing out for a few days to dry.

After the core has dried, simply pop the crown in some ordinary potting soil and water. Once you get the crown potted up, give it the kind of conditions that nature would provide – warm temperatures and plenty of light. When it comes to water – a little goes a long way. Keep the soil slightly on the dry side.

In no time roots will develop and you will have a brand new pineapple houseplant to liven up your home…..”

(Info taken from: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Help-With-Flower-Gardening/)

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