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Damn fleas and forgetfulness… Random musings.

Yesterday after passing out at the doctors office and spending the rest of my day in bed I was kept company by my 4 indoor cats and a lone flea. Yep, was just laying in bed resting and the thing was jumping around on my arm. I hate bugs in my house. They make me crazy!

Our neighbors warned that fleas were big here and that we needed to get treatment for our outdoor pets in order to avoid major infestation. Unfortunately we weren’t quick enough and now the indoor cats have a few fleas that were tracked in by Dixie.

It is time for a flea battle now! We got the liquid stuff you put on the animals and we are treating the carpets and linens too. Good times!

Also, I made a pretty big mistake in forgetting a major bill this month (rent!). People keep saying forgetfulness is part of pregnancy but I hate forgetting stuff. Especially major “awe crap” stuff. And I think someone is stole some checks from our outgoing mail last month. So now I am trying to sort my way through money crap and make it all right.

Lastly, thanks to everyone for the well wishes and congratulations. We are quite happy (I am very relieved too) now that we have heard the baby’s heartbeat and know that things are going perfect.

The next appointment in is December and I wont have to give blood, yay! Giving blood always makes me woozie, I just can’t believe I ended up on the lab floor while giving blood yesterday. How embarrassing!

So, did you vote today? Are you happy that this race is almost over? Will you be watching the news tonight to get the scoop on who the new president will be or do you prefer to just wait until the following day for the results? I just want the damn political ads to stop!

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  1. I’ll wait ’til tomorrow to find out about the election. Tomorrow afternoon perhaps. This has been the longest election ever and I hope it a record that is never broken!

    My experiences with fleas (way before they had the liquid stuff) convinced me to never ever have an indoor pet again. I’ve softened a bit now, but way back then, it was a nightmare getting rid of them.

  2. Donna B. » Well if our indoor pets hadn’t been exposed to the outdoor fleas we would have been fine… Funny thing is back in Arizona we didn’t have this much of a flea issue. Must be a Midwest thing huh?

  3. Hmm – maybe the hot dry weather in Arizona is not good for fleas? I have no clue. I’m glad you won’t have to give blood next time. But since this is all new to you, don’t be afraid to ask them why they are doing things and what they are doing. You at least have the right to know that. So don’t be afraid to speak up.

  4. I have a little spiral notebook that I write all the bills in, when I pay them, and how much, etc. I have done this for several years, because I am a forgetful person, too. I would have never improved my credit score without doing this.

    Karens last blog post..Project 365 Day 29

  5. No fleas here in N.AZ – I have been told it is the altitude. You may need to leave the house for a day while you have it bug bombed. The OTC ones work pretty good… we had fleas in CA. N will have to come home early and open all the windows so that you don’t have to have contact with the spray.

    maiden53s last blog post..Duck update

  6. Ticks are probably worse for the pets, but even in the woodsy south I don’t ever remember having a problem with them indoors.

    One of my daughters lives in southern Arizona and she said her vet told her that was the healthiest place in the nation for pets. When her S Carolina sister was going to be dogsitting for a couple of months, the vet gave Daisy some meds that she wouldn’t have needed in AZ.

  7. I dodn’t have flea problems in Arizona either but living out on the East coast, we have a problem with them too. Ou place was staring to get infested. There is cat dip that you can buy to dip the cats. Have N do it. Also buy this stuff called advantage. The SPCA told me it works great. We are still fighting the damn battle of fleas. I got this stuff called Home Defense to spray on the carpets. It kills fleas , spiders, cockraoches and all. I started by spraying my daughters room cuz it was the worst room. I sprayed and then opened her room to let it air out. We haven’t been letting the cats in there until we get the fleas gone on them. You have to kill all the cycles of fleas to be successful. They thrive in humidity.
    I know how you feel about giving blood. I am the same way. Luckily I didn’t acually pass out but i got pale white and thought I was going to pass out. Adam had to help me walk to the car and I was out of it for the rest of the day. I slept almost all day. The bad news is, your not done giving blood. As you get farther along, they will do a glucose test and some other ones. I hate needles!!! Can you give me your guys mailing address so I can send some stuff? Are you guys going to find out the sex of the baby or do you want it to be a suprise?

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