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Don't worry, I am not dead- just blog slacking.

Don’t worry, I am not dead. Just crazy busy. I survived the tornado warning and am still doing well with Tater. We are still moving stuff in to our new place and I did actually do the video tour of the new house today. The video is kind of a speed demon tour though, lol. I feel like we are going though the days in “fast forward” and the video really illustrates this.

Today I took care of fixing the peony bed here at the old place. In the fall I divided a portion of the bed, it looked much more bare and spread out unlike the rest of the bed which was clumpy and overgrown. Peonies like other rhizomes need to be divided and spread out as the years pass. Allowing them to grow for many years without division can result in leggy plants and less blooms as a result of the constant battle for nutrients.

Being the good tenant/ gardener I am I wanted to divide them so they were happier and more healthy but I never finished during the fall. I wanted to finish the job before we leave here since I started it and didn’t want to leave it in disarray. That’s not how I roll. If I start it I finish it, regardless of how douchebagy the landlords are.

So, after dividing the rest of the peonies N and I busted out the rest of the cat house I started building a few weeks back. He sawed the flaps and doors, I screwed the parts together and sealed the wood. It is now drying and just needs hinges, then Hailey will have her new home for the new place. One cat house built, now we’ve just have the dog house to go!

N took the bunnies and their cages outside today for some fresh air and a cleaning, this is a task in it’s self and took most of the morning. All the bedding needs to be removed from the cages, then the cages are scrubbed out and left to dry. Once dry, they can be re layered with bedding and the bunny can get all situated and comfortable again. If the cage is not thoroughly emptied and washed it can get smelly and be a breeding ground for flies and other nasties… So all the pets have cleaned homes, litter boxes and all that good stuff, yay!

We also took a load over to the new place today and did some pruning of the rose bushes/ trimming of the other perennials. While we were there we saw that the blood glucose meter Kari offered to loan me arrived in the mail. Thanks Kari, now I need to start finger pricking and recording my results. Ouchie!

Speaking of ouchie, I’ve been feeling pretty good these days. No weird symptoms creeping up other than the normal stuff. Pamela and I are still on the lookout for signs of pre-eclampsia like for racing heart or protein in the urine and we are also looking our for signs of Pregnancy-induced hypertension. All is still checking out just fine.

The only real stuff I am experiencing is the usual pregnancy side effects like heartburn, belly button irritation, itchy skin, back pain, joint and ligament stretching, freakishly fast growing hair and fingernails, hurty pelvis grinding, shortness of breath, oh and now sleep disturbances and odd dreams again.

Back in the first trimester I was waking about every 2 hours to pee and I would also have some odd dreams, that all subsided for a while but now it seems my sleeplessness is back and so are the freaky dreams. Good news is I am not waking every 2 hours like before. Now I wake for no reason once per night at about 4:20 am, like clockwork. I’ll wake, drink some water and pee.

Sometimes I wake dripping sweat, these days I am super toasty most of the time which has left N shivering throughout the nights and days. I’ve got fans blowing and windows cracked to let cold air in and I am still burning up. I am a little furnace and it’s kind of uncomfortable!

So the peeing and the overheating is making me sleep like crap. Also the weight of the basket ball sized water pocket in my abdomen is slightly uncomfortable but my Snoogle Body Pillow makes all that okay. Falling back asleep is a challenge these days. I woke at 4:20am and now it is 5:18am, I tried but couldn’t fall back asleep, too uncomfortable or whatever… so now I blog.

I guess in some twisted way my uncomfortableness, drippy sweat and constant peeing is mother nature’s way of conditioning me early for the new sleep pattern I’ll need to care for Tater in 3 months huh? I’ll adjust and adapt, it is just a bit different that’s all.

Well I am off to take a warm bath now, perhaps that will relax me enough to fall back asleep so I am not compleatly useless tomorrow. Wish me luck.

<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

0 thoughts on “Don't worry, I am not dead- just blog slacking.

  1. I loved the tour. The house is sooo cute. The mirrors in front of the toilet in the bathroom where kinda funny to me. I wonder what the person was thinking when they built it like that,lol.
    I’m glad you guys are getting out of the old,moldy house with the douchebag landlords.
    I plan on sending you guys the carseat if you still need it but I might have to send it the first part of June. I need to talk to Riley’s Peditrician to see what the new standards are on kids and carseats. I guess they changed the standards when moving kids up to the forward-facing carseats. It used to be you could move them when they where 22 pds but now I heard kids have to be more then 22 pds and at least 1 yr old. Riley’s a big boy so he is getting to big for the infant carseat now.

  2. First, Melissa is right: your baby needs to be over a year AND 22 lbs before turning them face forward in the car seat.

    Second, I LOVE the new house. It looks so clean. CLEAN. It’ll be fun when Tater is about 3 and figures out that she can freak Mommy out by pretending she’s going to jump from the 2nd story into the kitchen. Wait, that would only be a boy who’d do that.

    What a good person you are! Finishing the peony garden before leaving!!!

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Lemons…..Lemonade….Hopeful Yet Pessimistic

  3. Talina, that is a pretty little house. I love it. Of course, I know I am a weirdo, but I think if it was me, I’d put the office upstairs and make that room downstairs my bedroom, at least while Tater is a baby.

  4. I remember being a furnace. I would get the urge to go outside naked in the snow in February. The real problem we were in the south and there was no snow.

    The house is gorgeous. I love the deck and can’t wait to see what you do with the flower beds and yard.

    Donna B.s last blog post..My Favorite Primary Care Physician

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