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Elizabethan collars and bloody sores…

lamp shade collar

Okay one of our cats (Hailey) has some sores on her chin that Nathan calls “Feline Acne”. She scratches them because they obviously bother her but she doesn’t stop scratching when it hurts her… The result is a yowling cat who is scratching herself bloody and will not stop despite the flowing blood and pain.

Needless to say we went out an got one of those lamp shade collars that keeps animals from scratching themselves bloody. The pet store calls them E-collars, we call then Elizabethan collars… They are great for keeping animals from licking sores and in our case it keeps them from scratching the face.

Anyway the point to this entry is that animals hate them (obviously) and I thought I would share some video and photos of my poor kitty.. They are funny and cute all at the same time.

Cat Collar Video #1
Cat Collar Video #2

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4 thoughts on “Elizabethan collars and bloody sores…

  1. Awww, poor kitty.

    There could be a bonus though. If she wears it long enough, she might start quoting Shakespeare-

    “Dost I meow
    because I needeth cat chow?”

    No. It’s okay. No need to boo. I’m booing myself.

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