Eventful times: Chalk in my eye!

Alrightie, It’s time to write a blog. I have been really occupied over the last two days. Mostly because both N and I had time off work and we were really trying to spend some time together.

Okay so I am going to start telling you about Tuesday- My plan was to take N out for a nice dinner, you know sort of a celebration night. We haven’t really been able to celebrate his new position and his accomplishments so I wanted to plan (and pay for) a really nice night out. The plan was to go out on Tuesday since it was the first of our two days off. I got off work @ 7am so naturally I was tired and needed a nap. I went and taught my 4th hour colorguard class then came home to nap. I woke back up at 4pm to get ready. My eye was really hurting me! I defiantly had something in my eye but with 4 cats you get an awful lot of cat hair in your eyes so I thought nothing of it. After about an hour of me laying in bed and N sitting and talking to me I finally decided to get up and look in the mirror. I could see this white spec of something in my eye!! I tried to blink and to get it out with my fingers and water. Nothing would even move the thing so I started to get upset! I knew it was jammed into my eye and that it was not coming out on it’s own. Nsay me all upset and called an eye doctor to see if we could come in before they closed. We went in and it was so scary!! They looked at it and confirmed that I had something embedded in my cornea!! They numbed my eye with these yellow drops then the got out the scrapers and tweezers!! The “thing” was luckily non-metallic and it came out pretty easy. I didn’t need any major surgery or a tetanus shot!! I had a cut on my cornea where the thing lodged in to my eye meat though… It was bad news!!

Basically they gave me steroid eye drops and some eye lube and sent me on my way…

Oh and it messed up out plans for N’s celebration dinner! We were planning on seeing a movie then having a nice dinner. We were too late for a movie so we just took extra time getting ready after my eye fiasco. We also stopped along the creek on the 89A to pick some Sacred Datura. We ended up eating dinner at an Italian restaurant in Sedona called Dahl & DiLuca.The food and the atmosphere were great! Ray (our server) was great too!! We ended up spending about 5 hours out together and then we came home and went to bed.

Yesterday we N started to feel a cold coming on so we were sort of lazy. I taught my 4th hour class came home and hung out, had lunch at sonic then went back to the school for an after school sectional. When I got home from my sectional N and I went grocery shopping. I spent so much money of food and DVD’s!! We had a nice dinner at home and watched our newly purchased movies and went to bed. In the wee hours of the morning I woke up to our cats fighting! This is a very unusual thing for out cats.. They play and torment each other but they never actually get in to “cat fights”. When I say “cat fights” I am talking about where they roll all around with all their fur standing on end, screeching and yowling like they are being murdered…..

Well last night I woke up to the sound of a “cat fight” in our living room! I woke N up and ran out to see what was going on. I of course yelled at the really loudly first 😉

I found Jack and Hailey in the bathroom. Hailey was trying to fight Jack and they both were really freaked out! I immediately though another strange cat was in our house so after comforting the two cats I went on the search. Nobody was in the house se we check the balcony.. I looked outside the open windows and sure enough found a strange cat sitting outside our living room window! Hailey was probably trying to defend her window and was trying to scare the other cat away. Then Jack got into the window to see what the commotion was, scared Hailey and she went after him.. It was the strangest thing to wake up to!

So besides that nothing else is really going on. I am working the 3-11 shift tonight and my students have their first football game tomorrow. N will be anchoring the night news on Saturday and Sunday and that’s all to report! We hope everyone is doing well!!

<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

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