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Sometimes you have to speak up for yourself!!!

Okay, so this morning on my way home from work I fell asleep while driving!! Nothing too terrible happened, just drove off the road on to the shoulder. Didn’t hit any cars, people, animals or trees! I was very shook up though! I have never dozed off while driving, EVER!! Today was my first and man was it scary! I called Nathan so he could help me stay awake till I got home.

So I had to put my foot down with the boss about the scheduling thing… The problem is I don’t ever see him!! I emailed him tonight and I’ll see him tomorrow when I come in exactly 8 hours after getting off my audit shift… That’s right I get off at 7am and I have to turn around and come back to work the afternoon/ evening shift that same day!!

I mean I know how crappy it is to be a manager… You have to get all you can out of people, and when you are under staffed you have to even screw over your helpful employees just to get things covered.. People hate you because you are screwing them over. Most of the time you want to give your employees what they want, but you can’t.

Anyway I had to speak up about what I will and will not do for the resort and I put my manager in a real crappy spot because he has nobody else to help him.. I just can’t be his fall back/ pick up the slack person anymore!!!

Damn I am so tired!!!

<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

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