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Fall leaves photos

I know some of you Arizona folk were asking to see some photos of the fall leaves in our area. There is a particular area we like out near the river front that consists of a bunch of very old Victorian houses. One of them is for sale for $230,000 and N keeps eying it. It is amazing but with the state of the economy getting approved for a mortgage is almost impossible.

Anyway, the street is canopied with trees and is very beautiful so we took some photos to share with you. It is so beautiful!

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  1. Virginia is like that too. Beautiful colored leaves. Pink, orange, green.I love it! Alot of the houses here are old victorian houses too. There is alot of culuture out here and alot of history.

  2. T~ thanks for sharing the pics.. they are very beautiful!

    Melissa~ I had the pleasure of going to Virginia the beginning of last Sept. I loved the history and the older buildings! I stayed in the Norfolk area, went to the beach and to Jamestown. The areas are so rich of our history!

  3. With rare exception, our leaves are just the same brown color as pine straw. Louisiana has other kinds of beauty to offer. Those photos are gorgeous and remind me of fall in Colorado.

    My daughter went to William & Mary, so I got to see a lot of wonderful places in Virginia while she was there. It’s absolutely gorgeous in the fall and spring.

    We are so lucky in this country to have so many different and beautiful landscapes to choose from. I’m awed by every place I’ve live and visit.

    Donna B.s last blog post..Diamond Grade Tequila

  4. Maiden53, That’s where I am living is in Norfolk. We are like 10 minutes from the beach. But out toward the Chesapeake area is gorgeous too. It’s staring to cool off alot here.My husband is in the Navy here so I have gotten to see the Military side of things such as all the ships and stuff.

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