It is finally friday yay! And tots rock, mmmm

Tater tots have saved my stomach today. I am not sure how or why but salty tots coated in ketchup got me from “ugh, I am going to be sick” to “yay, the tummy is better now I can sleep”. Thank goodness!

I wanted to find the tots scene from Napoleon Dynamite but couldn’t, this was all I found. It is mildly amusing.

Also, I am so glad it is Friday! It seems like N has been at work all week so the weekend is going to give us some actual time together. Not that I can stay out and active for all that long but it will be nice to try. Heck we can even spend the weekend in bed thanks to Netflix, I bet he’ll be bored out of his mind though.

Speaking of Netflix “The business of being born” just arrived today and I plan to subject N to it. It is good home birth preparation right? Anyone who is pregnant or has a pregnant loved one needs to see this movie (mom that includes you)!

Lastly, I just got notice that the Indiana Midwifery Task Force is again filling a licensure bill to change the legal status of Midwifery in the state. They have tried before without success but this time have managed to hire a lobbyist to help get the bill passed.

How awesome would it be if the bill passes before I have the baby? If you want to get involved you can make a donation to the task force or you can write legislation about it. I’ll be fighting and supporting this bill, the law needs to be changed!

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0 thoughts on “It is finally friday yay! And tots rock, mmmm

  1. “Give me a tater tot. No Butthole, go get your own tots!”

    I dont kow if thats how it really goes, but its the only worth wile scean in that movie.

  2. I can’t imagine it being illegal give birth at home. They have been doing for a Millenia. I hope they change it for you.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my site and helping me with my project this month.

    ellyns last blog post..A Fairy Tale

  3. I never got over my love affair with potatoes when I was pregnant, but I could not abide ketchup. Isn’t that odd how we get tastes and aversions when pregnant?

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