Our first day of fall leaves, now I need a nap.

I have to say I have never been lazier (that can’t be grammatically correct) or more tired in my life. This pregnancy is just making me want to lay and sleep, it is very odd.

I have never been one for nap time and people always thought I was crazy. Sleeping during the day was just strange to me, a waste of life as I have put it in the past. Even when sick I was unable to sleep during the day.

Well now laying and dozing off all day is just what I want to be doing and I am very conflicted about it. I feel guilty for not getting more done around the house and I feel very unproductive but my body just wants to sleep. Am I being a baby?

I know there are several mothers that read this blog who have been or currently are raising young ones while being pregnant. They can’t lay around and sleep all day, if they can carry on what is my problem? Just a random musing.

Also, today was the first day N and I got to marvel at fall leaves. The yard across the street is just covered with an array of colorful leaves. This is a new concept for us and it is so cool! Now dealing with those leaves is a different story but we haven’t gotten there yet. Right now we are just enjoying our first fall in an area that has fall colors and leaves.

Our neighbor has started dealing with the yard leaves though. He has a leaf blower and he just blows the leaves in to the street. Kind of dumb if you ask me. Wont the leaves just blow back in to their yard eventually? We think composting the leaves is the better option but that is just our opinion.

Well, I am sleepy again so I am going to publish this and have another nap. Oh, I weighed 108 at the doctors office this week so I am gaining weight. Still no actual vomiting with the morning sickness, yay! Just wanted to post an update on that for the Talina’s baby weight contest. Hope everyone is staying warm today in the states, I know it is a stormy day for many.

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  1. Give in to your body’s demands. It’s making an incredible adjustment right and it’s saying you need to rest because it’s using the energy elsewhere.

    Also, I remember being so incredibly sleepy the first few months of my first pregnancy, but I don’t remember that with the subsequent ones. That’s odd, but maybe the body says… oh yeah, I remember how to do this. Maybe it doesn’t take as much energy the 2nd time because some things are already in place.

    Note, there is absolutely no scientific evidence for any of the above. Call it a new old wive’s tale 🙂

    I know you can’t stock up on sleep, but you won’t be getting nearly enough for some time after the baby is born, so enjoy it now.

    Ah! Colorful fall leaves… wonderful. Fall pine straw… yuck. We don’t even get colorful fall leaves here, they are just brown. We don’t compost formally, but we have a large “wilderness” area at the back of our property where we spread out the waste from the yard.

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  2. No, honey, you’re not BEING a baby, you’e MAKING one. It takes a lot of your energy to do that, and the baby takes what it needs from your body. Sleep if that is what you need to do. My second pregnancy was awful, lots of morning sickness that lasted all day, dizziness if I stood up, so I spent lots of days watching my son play from a horizontal position on the sofa.

  3. No, you aren’t being a baby at all. I slept like crazy for like the first 4 months, and was tired at the end of the pregnancy. You need to sleep. As you get bigger, sleeping is harder. Don’t worry about shit getting done. I mean, my house is a mess because I have a 2 month old. You learn to sleep when they sleep. You have to remember your body is sucking everything out of you to make this beautiful creation. After your baby is a couple of months old he or she will sleep like 5-7 hrs at night and be napping throughout the day so you can catch your sleep up. You need to save your energy for labor. You’ll need it.

  4. Look at your baby widget – your body is making eyes and hand, two of the most complicated and useful sensory organs humans have. Of course you’re tired. Just wait until you start making lungs 🙂

    Donna B.s last blog post..Smells So Good

  5. Sleep while you can T! Both my boys sleep all night. But they’re such busy bodies that I usually lay down for about an hour when they go down for a nap!!! You learn to fall asleep and wake up at the drop of a dime when you have kids.
    You’re growing a human being for crying out loud, its ok to nap! And I bet if you asked N what he though he would say the same. Your body needs that rest right now, other wise you wouldn’t feel that way!
    Please post some pics of the leaves! All we have is a stupid russian olive tree in out front yard, and the only thing it does is drop olives… If only I knew how to kill it! I would love to see what fall looks like!

  6. Give yourself permission to sleep NOW… in several months you’ll have wished you did. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t believe how much I wanted to sleep. 18 hours a day would have been perfect! Soon enough your back will hurt and sleeping will start being uncomfortable and you’ll wish you could get back to that time when sleeping was nice. Also, it’ll get your mind into a set that forces you to slow down so that when you’re feeding your newborn, it won’t feel like you’re wasting HOURS of your life that you’ll never get back. Be open to changing the way you’ve always thought in the past.

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