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Get in on the pool and win some cash!

When it comes to gaining weight in pregnancy and loosing weight after delivery every woman is different. Since we were planning our wedding before I found out I was pregnant (yeah we do almost everything backwards) baby weight is something that has been in the back of my mind.

I already have my wedding dress in the bedroom closet. It is to big for me right now but will it fit after I deliver the baby? I have joked with people about keeping our initially planned wedding date the same despite the pregnancy. That would mean our wedding is 3 weeks after I have our baby.

The idea is awfully ambitious and may not work out anyway but the mere idea of it brings a ton of questions. Even if we marry 2 years from now will my already purchased wedding dress fit me? Will it be too big or too small after I deliver? How much weight will I gain in pregnancy and how much will be lost?

Anyone who has already had a child has their own weight gain experiences to draw from and amazingly everyone’s predictions are different. Why not turn those predictions in to a fun little game that gets 2 lucky readers some cash?

This is what prompted me to start Talina’s weight gain and loss pool. Guess my delivery weight and how much I’ll weigh 1 week after giving birth. Winner takes 80% of the cash pool, runner up takes 20% (after the paypal fee). Winners will be determined by a point system. Check the Talina’s weight gain and loss pool contest page for info on the point system.

All you have to do is pay $1.00 to get in on the pool ($1.00 per entry), each entry will 1. guess my weight at delivery and 2. guess my weight 1 week after delivery. Use this button to pay your $1.00 and enter your guesses.

You’ll see an area to “add special instructions to seller” on the paypal page. That is where you will enter your guesses. As the entries come in I’ll post them here and update you on how much is in the pool that is up for grabs. The more people that get in on the pool the more you can win so spread the word guys, it will only line your pockets!

I’ll be dropping hints in my blog posts about my weight, appetite and growth. If you subscribe to this blog you wont miss any helpful info!

Last night (17 days after conception) I weighed in at 103lbs, my waist has already grown 1/2 and inch and so have my poor sore boobies. So there is your first bit of info.

Now go forth and join the pool, you know you want to share your guesses! Oh, if you don’t want a chance to win moola but would still like to be able to share your guesses you can do so in the comments area but if you use the button you’ll have a chance to win some cash…

P.S Thanks to Maiden53 I have a spiffy little pregnancy widget there just to the right of this blog post… Do you see it? I like it because it tells how far along I am and what is going on with me. This is mostly for my own educational purposes but I figure you might care too.

P.S.S I am also thinking about buying myself a purple plate from Witchypoo‘s shop to help with the pregnancy. Do you think that would help? I am still new to the whole purple plate thing but it seems like a good idea.

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  1. Hi Baby, How are you feeling today? (Monday) Ok I think I did the paypal thing right and I did answer the two weight Questions I said 137lbs and after 113 What a fun contest. you always find the COOLEST things. and I love the widget that Madien53 found and I read and researched on the PURPLE PLATE web page from Witchypoo and If you can baby try to get the plate I LOVE the hole Idea and Purpose. Go For It. Love ya. Give N Love Too.

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