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Growing "Winston Churchill" Fuchsias

leggy-fuchsia.jpgI spent some time with my “Winston Churchill” Fuchsia today and did some research on pruning for the coming spring. Fuchsias produce breathtaking flowers and are somewhat hardy plants. They do however need to be protected from winter frost/ snow so I brought our potted fuchsia inside when winter came. Luckily winter is winding down in Northern Arizona and my fuchsia will be ready to go back outside soon!

I noticed that it was getting a bit leggy today so I spent some time pinching it back and taking some cuttings. Apparently fuchsias are easy to propagate via stem cuttings so I thought I would give it a try!

The Winston Churchill Fuchsia can withstand temperatures as low as 35 degrees and prefers light shade, sun to shady conditions. It blooms in the summer and fall. The blooms are simply amazing, they are pink & purple and are so unique (click here to see a Google image search showing these stunning blooms!! I can’t wait for mine to start blooming!

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3 thoughts on “Growing "Winston Churchill" Fuchsias

  1. Oh, what pretty flowers those will have! Thanks for the link to the pictures. I hadn’t seen a Winston Churchill fuschia before. It’s very pretty. You will have to let us know how your cuttings survive. If they truly are easy then maybe they will be one I’ll have to look into! I need the easy/tough plants cuz I have a brown thumb.

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  2. Even my fake plants used to die,, lol. I am getting better though. I only have 4 plants right now, my favourite is my christmas cactus which has lasted 3 whole years with me! Like part of the family now. Do you prefer potted plants over ‘ground’ plants? I had a house with a koi pond in the back, and loved potted plants as I could easily move them around and change the look of my garden daily if I wanted to. When I moved I was able to give them to friends as I didn’t have a yard to take them too, we had a ‘plant pickers’ party,, and I knew they were all going to good homes, lol. Best part is i get to visit them, nice to sit outside and see how they have grown. (No, not obsessed much am I ) I did much better with my outdoor plants than I did with my indoor ones.

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