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Our weekend trip to Grand Falls, Northern Arizona

On Saturday N and I headed out to Grand Falls to see the famous “chocolate falls” on the reservation. It is a little known wonder that is very cool! How many waterfalls have you seen in Arizona? They do exist and this is just one of them!

It was an overcast day with beautiful snow covering the San Francisco Peaks. This is the view heading into Flagstaff, AZ off of I-17.


We drove through flagstaff, AZ and headed east on I-40 towards the reservation. You can see the peaks (the San Francisco Peaks) from there perfectly.


Here is the water that flows into the waterfall, this is the “little colorado river” with the peaks in the background.


Here we are posing for a photo with our doggie infront of Grand Falls. The mist that came up off the waterfall was cool! You can see that it’s windy by our great hair styles!


And now the long awaited photos of the falls, enjoy!



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4 thoughts on “Our weekend trip to Grand Falls, Northern Arizona

  1. Wow – these are really awesome! I never knew those were there but if I ever get to Arizona, we are definitely checking these out. My hubby loves waterfalls too.

    teeni’s last blog post..Game of Cereal

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