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Heading home! Boy I am pooped!

After spending 12 hours in Disneyland yesterday I am just not motivated to do anything today! Unfortunately we are heading back to Disneyland for the band kids performance and then we will have 4 hours for shopping or ride riding before we load our bus and head home.

We road to California in this tricked out “party bus” that makes sleeping during the bus ride very difficult. It is like a limo with disco balls, strobe lights and all that jazz. The seats are leather couches that face each other and the seating is a bit tight.

I think we walked like 12 miles yesterday between both parks and all the rides. We had park hopper passes and we got to ride tons of cool rides without having to stand in line for hours. The trip has been fun but I am ready to sleep in my own bed tonight!

Well, I am setting in my hotel room ready to checkout with my feet up writing this blog post. I’ll share some photos with you all when I have a bit more time to draft a better post, perhaps tomorrow… I can’t wait to sleep in my bed!

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