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Talina's first edition of strange search terms..

Finally, I am getting some strange hits from the search engines! I love reading about fellow bloggers strange search terms and today I finally got a few I can share! Here they are:

  • baby shocked outlet – so the baby wasn’t shocked it was doing the shocking?
  • teeni shock – who shocked teeni? Leave her alone, she didn’t do anything!
  • how can i taste my tongue??? – yeah, I am not sure why you would search for this. The tongue tastes you know, so if you must taste you tongue try rolling it over onto itself.
  • “temperature dip at 12 days past ovulation” – it means you are going to get your period! No babies this time … 🙁 sorry
  • death spin dance move – It is a fun move, if you’ve got skills.. Not for the inexperienced though it will cause many bruises and scrapes! Ouch..
  • nasty taste on tongue – Probably means your breath is rank… you may need to brush your teeth/ tongue.. It helps!
  • if 12 weeks pregnant today when did i conceive – Um.. 12 weeks ago, duh!
  • do you know how you feel today? – Um, yes, how could you not? Unless you are brain dead you should… Most of us do
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One thought on “Talina's first edition of strange search terms..

  1. LOL! Thanks for sticking up for me buddy! I had no idea someone wanted to do that to me! Frankly, I’m shocked! 😉

    I love this one “if 12 weeks pregnant, when did I conceive?” These were a hoot!

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