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Holiday cheer or holiday fear??

With the holidays just around the corner many people begin to become distressed about the family gatherings. The Daily OM I received today touches on one of the many reasons people dread family gatherings…. Coping With People You Dislike.

I think everyone has something or someone they dislike having to cope with at family gatherings. My distress comes when I remember how much I am not like the others in my extended family. Not being accepted for who you truly are can be very distressing and it makes holiday/ family gatherings hard to stomach.

I personally think that “family” means being unconditionally accepted and loved. With my immediate family I have this close bond that is almost impossible to explain. I believe we have this unspoken bond and understanding of one another because of all we have gone through together. We have literally been to hell and back but we go through it all my being able to lean on and protect one another. When something is wrong by immediate family knows what I am feeling and I don’t have to try and explain every aspect of what is going on to them, they just know. This is refreshing and I am very thankful to be so close with these people. However, my closeness with them makes me feel more estranged from others at times.

I enjoy the holidays because I get to be as creative and thoughtful as I want. I get to send out tons of letters to my friends and family, I get to buy awesome things for everyone, I get to go overboard with decorating and I get to spend time with those close to me. I am excited for the holidays but I am also apprehensive about the personal interactions. I just want everybody to get along.

What do you love or fear about the holidays??

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