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Holiday lights stopped working but we can count on our rope lights!

Last night N asked me how I “unhooked” the holiday lights. See, we went so see some family for a few days and as cautious holiday decorators we unplugged out x-mas tree lights and also the outdoor decorations while we were gone. We would hate to have the neighbors mangy dog come on to our deck while we are away and chew on (or even urinate on) our holiday lights and start a fire.

Anyway, N plugged our lights back in but they weren’t working! I wasn’t too concerned about it because our red and blue led rope lights were on and working just fine. We use our LED rope lighting to light our pathway and stairs to our front deck. We live in a more secluded area just outside Flagstaff and we enjoy being surrounded by the forest as opposed to having paved sidewalks and street lights, sure our neighborhood is very dark but we like to be able to look up and see stars!

Our LED rope lights use so little energy, we can bend them and wrap them around the stairs and along the walk way and they don’t ruin the star viewing or run up or electric bill (they even work when the x-mas lights are on the fritz!).

Do you use LED rope lighting or any other type of energy efficient lighting alternative? Have you gotten on the energy efficient lighting band wagon, do you see a difference in cost, quality, etc?

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