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T-mobile HotSpot @ home information.

Since moving to our new rental home we have had issues with our cell phone reception. We figured it was because we are now living in a more rural area but as it turns out we get reception just fine about a block away from our house but not at our house..

We have been conveniently ignoring the inconvenience this has caused. We have warned our family and friends to call us at home instead of calling our cellphones. We have adapted and now only really use the cell phones when we are in town and have reception.

Lately I have been irritated by the absurdity of the situation. We pay about $60.00 per month for two phones, 500 shared minutes, and unlimited night/ weekend minutes. It turns out we only use only about 70 total minutes a month and it just seems like a waste to pay for service that can only be used when we are out and about.

We have been doing some research on the t-moblie HotSpot @ home service, it would solve out lack of service issues and enable us to use our cell phones at home for long distance and all that good stuff.  Basically you just get t-mobile phones that work with the HotSpot @ home service. The t-mobile rep we talked to said we would need to get their wireless router and also pay the HotSpot @ home monthly fee to use the service.

Luckily we are not the type of people who just take a rep’s word for it when we are learning about new services and technologies. We saw that the “t-moblie” wireless router they tell you to purchase is a linksys router and I wanted to know how that one was so special, we already own a wireless router so naturally I don’t want to buy another one. Turns out you aren’t required to but their router, they just strongly recommend it.

We have submitted our 3rd troubleshooting ticket to t-moblie about our lack of service here at our home. Since their website coverage map claims we do have reception we will have to wait till the results of the troubleshooting ticket before we can move forward and find a solution to our lack of reception. We would love to get the HotSpot @ home service in place of our current plan but we would need new phones.

Oh,well I guess we will just wait to see what the troubleshot ticket response is first! I am wondering if any readers currently use this service. If so would you please share your experiences and thoughts on the plan/ service?

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