I am a blog slacker thanks to the new Wii.

Today (actually, since it is 1:43am on 12/30 technically I am referring to yesterday) was the 3rd day of N’s 4day weekend. We try to spend as much of the off time together as possible since his work week schedule leaves us little “fun” time.

Anywho, we busted out the new Wii and have been having a blast playing all our games (Wii Sports, Wii Play and Wii Fit). We only did the Wii Fit for about 20 minutes each on Saturday, we went through all the strength training exercises and on Sunday morning we were both almost unable to wrench ourselves out of bed.

Personally it has been 7 months since I have vigorously worked out (remember when I performed with my students at a band concert?) so I knew the soreness was inevitable. I just didn’t remember how awful it feels the get back to working out after being lazy for so long. Oh and the extra weight distribution I have going on (in terms of the pregnancy growth on my chest and belly) is not helping me one bit.

Also, our car (the amigo) is still in the shop with the massive repair bill so to get to our scheduled mystery shop today we rode the bus. Our 15 minute obligation took us about 3 1/2 hours when bus travel time was figured in. All in all the bus crowd was not as bad as we suspected it would be (we were expecting something like the downtown phoenix bus crowd that we were exposed to back in Arizona).

Actually, the people we met on the bus today were the most genuine, caring bunch. We were quite surprised. One lady talked about how all she wanted for Christmas was a job, she got her wish and is now working. She doesn’t mind the multiple buses she has to ride and the fact that it takes her so long to get to and from work. She was also so cheerful and nice despite her lot in life. She even wished us a good night as we left the bus.

It is amazing how those who seem to have it the worst are often the most genuine and helping as opposed to those who are doing well in life but are just plain rude, nasty and all caught up in the day to day. Oh, someone did awkwardly and blatantly snap a photo of N with a camera phone while we were on the bus, nice huh? N couldn’t believe it, I am sure seeing someone who is on TV riding the bus is odd to them… Oh well!

Well, it is 2am now. I need to eat my corndog and get to bed already. I am beat! I’ll be trying to get some belly shots, measurment and weight updates posted soon so you can go get your guess figured out for the baby weight pool.

Oh, if you are a frequent lurker (you read my blog but you don’t ever comment) please do consider leaving a comment no matter how small or insignificant seeming. That way I’ll know you are getting the updates and traying in the loop, plus it creates a dialog for us to communicate more! I know many of my family members are readding and staying updated but I am having trouble keeping track of who and when.

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  1. I love riding the bus! Three years ago after a car accident I wasn’t able to drive my car, as it is a standard, and I lost the use of my right arm. I took the bus and really enjoyed it, I actually got to see things I always missed driving. They had a Santa bus at Christmas, so I took my granddaughter on that,, just because,,lol. They have the front of the bus done up to look like Rudolph, and Santa rides it giving out candy canes and playing Christmas music. Plus I am a people watcher, and it was pretty entertaining with the mix that got on and off.

    Loris last blog post..The Boxing of the Bobbles

  2. Just to clarify, I am driving again as I gained some use back, but sometimes I pull up beside a bus and remember the good old days,, hehe. Also I meant to ask, does your hubby get recognised alot? Has anyone asked him to sign her boobs?

    Loris last blog post..The Boxing of the Bobbles

  3. He used to in Arizona but now since we have only been here a few months the recognition is not a frequent or as blatant as it used to be. Over time it will change though… It always does.

  4. Most of the time I just lurk here and don’t comment but you knew that anyway! I can’t wait for the bus pic to pop up on the internet somewhere. Hopefully my daily Google search will catch it!

    Ns last blog post..Homemade Hot Cocoa

  5. N does a daily google search?
    I do not enjoy the bus. I cannot wait to wash my hands after being on the bus. People can be totally disgusting with their coughing and sneezing into their hands and you get to see that on the bus.
    It’s a good thing there is no blog protection agency for blogging slackers, because I’m pretty sure mine would be apprehended.

    witchypoos last blog post..Freedom

  6. pays to live green »

    I’ve found that the soreness can help you to get away from it for a while. We have been playing the sports games big time and I swear I got tennis elbow from the silly game! My stiff and aching shoulder and arm helps me to take a break for a bit but yeah the Wii is way addicting.

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