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I hate my tongue- Nasty metal taste in my mouth??

I hate my tongue. If I could cut my tougue off I would! For the last 2 days I have had this awful metal/ copper taste in my mouth. It is noticable all day long, I can drink or eat anything without noticing it. I miss being able to enjoy my coffee! Yesterday I thought I was even smelling blood in addition to tasting it…
You should see me washing my mouth out, brushing my teeth and gargling like crazy. I just want it go away!! I am going crazy, so I turned to google and searched about it.

Turns out this taste can be ketones which are brought on by a number of things such as weight loss, excercise, stress, illness, pregnancy, hypoglycemia and many other things. Basically ketones result when when fatty acids are broken down for energy in the liver and kidney.

Thought someone may benefit from this info. If you taste a metallic, bloody, cooper like taste it might be ketones which are brought on by something going on with your body. If experience this same thing and you aren’t pregnant go see your doctor about it as it could be caused by something major.

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3 thoughts on “I hate my tongue- Nasty metal taste in my mouth??

  1. Hi Talina! (That’s weird, it is like greeting myself!) A metal taste in your mouth can also be a side effect of some medications, one being the antibiotic Biaxin. Anyway, it is very cool to meet a Talina who spells her name exactly the same as I do! I am going to email you as soon as I submit this comment… Have a good day!

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  2. I didn’t know ketosis had metallic taste in the mouth as a symptom. I’m always learning stuff on the blogosphere. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure that was a relief for you too so you didn’t think you were bleeding from the gums or anything. Whew!

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