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Just having a relaxing 4th of July here at home.

Just spending the day in bed today with Everly and N. This is our first day as just the three of us, all the family is done visiting now. Everly was up all night fussing so a lazy, napping day is just what we need.

It’s a rainy 4th of July here. We’ll see if any neighbors set off fireworks tonight like they were doing last night, probably not since it is raining. It’s all good though! Everly got to see her first fireworks last night in our backyard. The neighbors have been setting them off for days. That is enough for us.

Oh and for those of you who entered the baby weight contest I’ve got results! Sadly only 5 people entered the pool. The morning my water broke I weighed in at a whopping 151lbs!

When I weighed myself a week after delivery I weighed 115lbs. The combination of the two weigh-ins totals 266. That means Maiden53 and Teeni are the winners of the cash pool since their guesses were the closest to 266, I’ll get the money to your paypal accounts ladies!

Here is the list of the entries.

last 4 of transaction/ Person entering Weight at labor (lbs) Weight 1 week after labor (lbs) Total
# 903K (Donna B.) 130 115 245
# 290P (Teeni) 132 126 258
# 003W (MoM) 137 113 250
# 3901 (Maiden53) 151 129 280
# 281A (Jerry B) 131 116 247

Hopefully everyone is having a safe and fun 4th of July and hopefully Everly will sleep well tonight. Take care!

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