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Lo, lo lo… Which route should we take?

It appears we have gone through each and every thing we own in preparation for our yard sale, it is happening this weekend! We are making great progress on the moving preparations and I am having less anxiety these days. Yay!

We also nailed down which RV we were going to buy and we have a set price of $1800. The mechanical inspection came back towards the end of last week and we negotiated the price less the cost of essential repairs. Now all we need to do is pay for the RV, have those essential repairs completed and take possession.

We are also planning our route to Indiana, which do you prefer in regards to sight seeing? We have a week to get there since the moving company is estimating a week’s transit time and I want to have some fun along the way!

Option #1 – 1,543 mi – about 22 hours 30 mins

Option #2 – 1,785 mi – about 1 day 3 hours

All in all the moving prep is going very well and we are ahead of the game. We still have tons to do but it is all manageable I think. I have been focusing my moving thoughts in a more appropriate place as opposed to boring you all with it. I wrote an article about it, How to prepare to relocate for a new job.

So that is all I have to report at this time. I am off to do more moving and yard sale prep now, let me know which of the two routes you like best and if you think of any wacky sight seeing we can do along the way let me know. I’ll visit and take photo to post here just for you (I am cool like that)!

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  1. hey, what did you use to make this map? I wanted to make a different one, showing you the route to take to go through Liberal, Kansas to Wichita. It takes you off of I-40 at about Tumcumcari, NM, up through a little bit of the Texas panhandle, through the northwest corner of Oklahoma, into Kansas. It may be a few less miles and it is a great road, we went that way from Wichita to Flagstaff driving a Ford F250 and pulling a 35 ft trailer. No hills, less traffic and more scenic than staying on the highway. But I have lost my map program when I bought my new computer so I don’t remember the road to tell you. Email and let me now if you want more info on this route.


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  2. I would take Option 1, I know the BBQ is Kansas City is awesome at its a beautiful clean city but that tornado alley near and around Kansas. I am hoping you post the number of times you have to fill up on gasoline on your trip and tell us about your adventures along the way. I will be watching and checking out the Tweets on your trip. Good Luck and God speed from Threio and me.

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  3. I’d do #1, spending more time in OK than KS. But that’s just me.

    YES, per Threio, I’d love to know how many gas stops you have to make in an RV on a journey like that.

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