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Woho, got a house and some travel ideas…

After weeks of excessively emailing property management companies, banging my head against the wall when they don’t respond and after much hair pulling it appears we have found ourselves a house! I posted a few “housing wanted” ads on craigslist and several property owners responded to me. After viewing photos of homes we have found one we are comfortable renting once we arrive in Evansville. We are just waiting for the lease to be faxed over now. Having this taken care of is a huge relief for us!

Now we have a motor home and a rental place in Evansville! These are probably the two major things we have been working the hardest to get squared away.

This weekend it appears I’ll be seeing my whole family! My mother is visiting to help out with the yard sale and she is bringing my two brothers and my little niece (who I talked about in this post last week). It looks like it will be a fun/ busy weekend for us, I hope to have photos to share once it is all over.

As you know I have also been looking at places to visit on the way to Evansville. Here are some odd-ball yet interesting places I came across in my research, clicking on the titles will bring up images of the sight, admission info is link to more info on the site. Enjoy!

Apparently the site is great for finding offbeat attractions, I found much great info via their site!

Okay, now that I have wasted 2 hours compiling and researching this info I need to get busy on clearing out the spare rooms for our weekend company. Happy Tuesday everyone, you think I’ll be productive today?

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6 thoughts on “Woho, got a house and some travel ideas…

  1. HAHA! Some of those places look too funny! I would love to hear about what you thought of them if you visit them and of course, you must share your pics with us! 🙂 Congrats on getting some of the bigger hassles out of the way. Things are going to get easier. Hang in there!

  2. @ Becky, I am feeling 100 times less stress now than I was two weeks ago, thanks goodness! I am also quite excited about all the places we will see!

    @ Teeni, we are the quirky sightseeing type of people so I think those places are right up our alley and I’m sure we will even find even more places once we are on the road!

    @ Hyphen Mama, don’t worry I am stoked about photographing and documenting the whole trip… even the bad parts. Those are the most fun to look back on!

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