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Milestones and upcoming excitement in 2013

This week has been a milestone week for Everly & Adalyn. They are now playing together, like actually both enjoying the same thing… And they are cooperating. As opposed to parallel play or Adalyn simply undoing everything Everly is trying to do. This is a welcome development. Adalyn has also discovered the joys of trying on her sisters clothes. It was so cute when she came out of their bedroom with an arm load of stuff for me to help her put on.

Everly seems to be really warming to the idea of being a big sister lately. She leads Addie around all day on excursions and she loves to try assisting us in coaxing Addie to do various things (like eat or have a diaper change). We’ve even had a few instances where mom & dad fail to get Adalyn’s cooperation but she’ll do it for Everly. I feel the girls will be conspiring against us sooner rather than later. LOL. One afternoon I even had to intervene as Everly was coaxing Adalyn to wipe her after a poop. It was one for the baby book!

Sisterhood is fitting well for the girls. I am so relieved and pleased to see their relationship beginning to blossom.

In other news, we spent last weekend transitioning the yard/garden for spring. Our yard is a total mess after a wet soggy winter and poor drainage in the yard. We have almost nothing growing right now. All the grass is dormant or appears to be dead, all the perrenials are still dormant too.

The chickens and rabbits are now cohabitating despite the advice of numerous chicken keepers. The newer hens insist on laying eggs in the rabbit hutch instead of the nice big hen house we built them, so they were already cohabiting. The rabbit hutch and the hen house were on opposite sides of the yard.  Now they are neighbors and the cohabitating is official as we prepare to close the hens in the shared rabbit run for a few months while the garden comes to life and we reseed the yard.

We’ve also been busy wedding planning! We think it will happen this year with our tax return money. Yep, we will be walking down the aisle 10+ years and 2 kids later. Better late than never right?

Our girls are old enough to be part of the wedding, we aren’t saving money to pay for childbirth or paying off a cross country move. The time is right, so now we are focusing on making the once-back-burnered-wedding a reality.

I’ve got my dress, just found shoes for the dress. The dress needs some bodice work. Despite my mother’s ideas, my boobs aren’t much bigger after breastfeeding two children, so I’ll need to have the dress altered. Is redoing boning and beading a big deal? I really hope not.

The girls have their dresses and shoes… We have a venue and now we just need to hash out the fine details and sign on the dotted line. It is all very exciting and long overdue… the money part is still going to be tight but we can control that burden by planning accordingly and keeping the event small. We are excited!

Only things we don’t have ironed out for the wedding are a DJ, a photographer and who is gonna do my hair for the wedding…

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