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More work to do, moving on the mind.

Some of you are probably so sick of reading about all the moving crap on my mind huh? I totally have moving on the mind and I am so sorry if it is boring you, it is just what is going on with me right now. If you want me to shut up please say so and I’ll try my best…

Today I have moving ADD! I know I have inventory, packing and ridding to do but I was also trying to determine which plants I would sell at the yard sale. I am totally stressing about moving the plants. Movers wont deal with them and N is convinced we can take them in our RV and the car we are towing. I think he is delusional.

Oh, I have RV news too… gotta finish this train of thought first! So here are some of the plants I am sure we are selling at the yard sale: Coleus- ‘Kong rose’, Pothos-‘devil’s ivy’ and Basil- ‘sweet basil’. I have a ton more to sell but just haven’t got that far, like I said I have moving ADD.

We found a RV we are moving forward with! It is the Winnebago we looked at last. We offered them $2100, if the mechanical inspection comes back okay. We may have it here soon, how exciting… Woho!

Mmmm my Outback leftovers are smelling so good! I am reheating them in the oven right now on my packing/ inventorying break (while I am blogging). Oh, and the empty lot behind me just got a house dropped on it. Literally a manufactured house was just left on the lot… I am trying to video the process.

Here are some photos of my sorting, inventorying, and repacking. I am still feeling like procrastinating which is why I am still writing this blog post. Better get back on task!

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  1. With having the (almost) RV bought, that’s one thing you can cross off the list!! I think that by reading about your moving and packing, I’m startng to get anxious for you:)

    Beckys last blog post..Mid-week Blahs?

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