Moving out of state

Taking stock and planning ahead…

Well, the holiday weekend is over. N is back to work and I am back to planning/ researching the move. We have:

  • 19 days till our yard sale weekend madness begins
  • 27 day until we can pick a rental home and pay the holding deposit
  • 50 days until N’s last day at work here in town
  • 55 days until we leave Arizona behind and start on our trek to Indiana
  • 63 days until we will be moving in to our new home in Indiana

On one hand it is annoying how much stuff we have to wait to do and it feels like there is not much we can do. On the other hand it is overwhelming how little time we have till we will be in Indiana! We are driving away in only 55 days, that is pretty soon guys!

I am really not looking forward to doing a home inventory but every moving company requires it. I guess I had better just get on in already, it just feels so freaking overwhelming!

They want to know how many boxes you have, what they contain, how many furniture items you have, what type, size etc. Making a list of everything you own is not fun stuff but I have to do it anyway! Ugh, here I go… My back hurts already!


Update- 5:03 pm 7/7/08

I packed and inventoried (sp?) 8 boxes… Feels like lots but doesn’t sound like much huh?

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  1. I’m sure the waiting time will be perfect for you to de-clutter and rid yourself of everything you do not love.
    Can’t say I envy you. We moved on the hottest day of the year. It was a U-Haul move. Whee!

    witchypoos last blog post..Camping

  2. I told Annie, the last time we moved (and she readily agreed) that if we ever, EVER moved again, we were going to hire people to pack up the house. And to unpack in the new place. So if we ever move, it’s going to be more expensive, yes, but we don’t care. It is, after all, only money. And money is far less valuable than our backs, our minds and our relationship.

  3. I don’t envy you the work. I helped my daughter during their last move. Even with hired packers, it was still a chore. But fun for me, my job was to watch the baby.

    The problem with unpacking is deciding where to put stuff. Hopefully you’ll be moving into a comparably sized place, because downsizing really isn’t any fun.

    One thing we learned, don’t let the movers put boxes in the closets. You just have to move them out again to unpack them.

    Donna B.s last blog post..2nd Amendment Trialogue, con’t.

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