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On relationships & sex- A book review started.

The premise of the book, Sex Detox Book is “when it comes to sex and relationships, sometimes we get in so deep the only way out is to start over again”. I am just staring the book but I think it my be right up my alley! If you have ever felt disconnected from your partner, lacking real intimacy or as I would put it “like you are roommates” you may be interested in reading this book!

I started the book today and thought the beginning of the book was quite intriguing. I was sold on the idea of a “sex detox” and continued to read. The ideas presented in the beginning of the book seem like they would benefit me. I am very excited about the ideas of this book but I have to admit I am totally aggravated by the redundant explanation of what will be discussed in the book. They way I understand it (I only read to page 7 so far) the author believes that you can re kindle your intimacy and sex by going without for a period of 30 days. This absence will help you to reconnect with your partner in an emotional way. The absence of physical intimacy will make you miss it and will drive you to fulfill your intimate desires in more substantial way, via the mind.

It seems like every self help book I have read lately follows the same format of introducing the concept, explaining why you need it, you become intrigued and are ready to learn more but the book continues to explain what will be explained in the book, forever. This begins to bore me, it makes me want to stop reading the book and it irritates me. Just adequately present the concept in the beginning of the book and then get on with it. I don’t want to read 30 pages about what you are going to present later in the book, I already know what the concept is and I am still reading so I obviously want to learn more, I don’t need further convincing.

Anyway, I skipped the “What You’ll Encounter in This Book” section when I realized this book began to follow the redundant explanation trend. Actually the redundant explanation was not as long as I though it would be, I just didn’t want to read the same info presented in another way. So, I went straight to chapter 2 which ironically enough started out with “we live in a culture of instant gratification”… Well, I am just a perfect example of that with my rant about the ongoing explanations of what the book is about huh?

The book really ties together the connections between our past, our present and how these two aspects shape our future. Many people suffer from “neurally reinforced” habits or behaviors that are subconscious/ that they are unaware of that often times are the root of our relationship problems and thus affect our intimacy.

The program in this book consists of different stages (observation, recognition, de-coupling, engagement and regulating) that are intended to help you recognize triggers and work beyond them so you can love and be loved in a more fulfilling and healthy way.

If you feel your romantic life is not where it needs to be you may benefit from reading this book. It is released in February 2008 and if you click the photo posted above you can visit and pre-order your copy today. When I finish the book I’ll write more about it here. Happy reading!

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